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Faith-Integrated Therapy

Integration of Faith in Therapy

Everyone has a unique story, shaped by family background, culture, and individual experiences. Effective therapy acknowledges and respects these differences, providing an environment where each person feels seen and understood. At The Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Clinic, our commitment to diversity seeks to ensure that people of all contexts and backgrounds feel welcomed and supported in their therapeutic journey. We strive to create a safe space for healing and growth. 

Religion or spirituality can play a vital role in people's lives, and for some it may be important to incorporate faith into the therapy process. To meet this need, our intake process incorporates questions about religious and spiritual beliefs and practices, in addition to standard questions about personal history, medical history, mental health history, etc. We recognize that while some people would like therapy to build on their foundation of faith, others may need therapeutic support to heal from wounds that have occurred in the context of religious or spiritual communities. We believe that therapy should be a place where people from all backgrounds, and all experiences with faith, feel welcomed.  

When talking with your therapist, you will have an opportunity to discuss your preferences regarding faith integration or any other aspects of therapy that are important to you. We look forward to tailoring therapy to meet your individual and family needs.

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