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Couple's Therapy

Couple’s therapy for people throughout Illinois and beyond

When we are in a committed relationship, our emotions can reach the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in a matter of seconds. This is because our relationship with our partner matters so much.

At the best of times, we feel safe and secure in the love of our partner, and we feel there is nothing in this world we cannot conquer. At the worst of times, when there is disconnection and pain, our world can fall apart.

When partners are angry, defensive, and closed off to each other, it is helpful to consider couple’s therapy. Your therapist can provide care and space to help calm your mind and heart so you can begin to work through the wounds in your relationship and find a way forward.

At The Marriage and Family Clinic (The MFT Clinic), therapists are trained to help couples throughout all stages of their relationship, from pre-marital counseling, to navigating the growing pains of family life, to learning how to re-connect after children have left the home. We also help couples who are working through infertility, affairs, divorce, blended families, and other challenges.

What can I expect from couple’s therapy?

While there are many approaches to couple’s therapy, most therapists will guide couples through the following steps:

  1. Explore when and how the disconnection or conflict began.
  2. Identify the ways that each partner tends to cope with issues in the relationship. Pro tip: These coping strategies are often the very thing that pushes our partner away!
  3. Begin the process of healing wounds in the relationship.
  4. Find new ways to relate to each other so that partners can learn to rebuild a healthy connection.

What type of couple’s therapy will work for us?

At The MFT Clinic, we recognize that every couple is unique, and therefore, our clinicians are trained in a variety of therapeutic theories and evidence-based interventions so that we can use the approach that works best for you.

Methods include emotion focused therapy, the Gottman method, narrative therapy, faith-integrated therapy, trauma-informed therapy, psychodynamic approaches and many more. 

The MFT Clinic at Wheaton College

The MFT Clinic is an Academic Care Center, like a teaching hospital. We provide essential mental health care to people in Illinois (and beyond) while training therapy interns who attend the MFT master’s program at Wheaton College. Our small cohort of intern therapists receive intensive training academically and clinically.

Many clients work directly with an intern therapist. Meanwhile, the therapist receives close supervision by dedicated faculty experts behind the scenes. Together, your intern and faculty provide you with state-of-the art, insightful care.

At The MFT Clinic, you will have a seasoned expert who is carefully thinking through the latest interventions to determine the approach that fits best for you and your loved ones.

We have found this to be an effective and deeply meaningful process. While your therapy intern brings energy, compassion and eagerness to therapy, your seasoned faculty therapist is behind the scenes, infusing insight and expertise into your care, tailoring treatment to meet your unique needs. 

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You can reach us through our inquiry page here, by telephone at 630-733-8161 or email to begin on your transformative journey of couple’s, family, or individual therapy.