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HoneyRock's Summer Camp Benefit

To Staff & Faculty of Wheaton College

Staff and faculty of Wheaton College are eligible for 20% off summer camp programs at HoneyRock.

Wheaton is HoneyRock and HoneyRock is Wheaton! For that reason, we offer a special discount just for Wheaton College staff and faculty. Summer offers an incredible opportunity to bring people together—that's what this is all about, bringing the Wheaton family together.

To Be Eligible for HoneyRock's Summer Camp Wheaton College Staff & Faculty Discount

You must:

  • Be employed on a part- or full-time basis at the time of the camper program
  • Have "I am a WC Faculty/Staff member" marked in your registration profile (directions below) by April 15

To Redeem the Summer Camp Discount for Wheaton College Staff & Faculty 

Already a HoneyRocker?

If you have already signed up for anything HoneyRock (camper programs, retreats, etc...)

  1. Sign In
  2. Click "My Profile"
  3. Choose "My Family"
  4. Select "Additional Information" and check the box "I am a WC Faculty/Staff member"
  5. Click "Update"

New to HoneyRock?

If you're new to HoneyRock, welcome! Here's how you set up a profile:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Click "Register Online"
  3. Click "A Child"
  4. Follow the prompts, making sure to check the box "I am a WC Faculty/Staff member" when asked

On April 15th we run a report that pulls all Wheaton College staff/faculty profiles and will apply the 20% discount. By updating your family profile to reflect your Wheaton College faculty/staff status, we will see your registration and apply the discount before the May 15th final payment deadline. 

Are you a grandparent?

If so, you can get your grandchildren (ages 3rd-6th grade) a 20% discount!

This discount only applies for campers eligible for Intro Camp (3rd-6th grade).