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David G. Moore

Stepping into Controversy with Christ-like Character
Wednesday, March 25
7PM, Blanchard 339

Many Christians tell me that they can’t talk about their political and theological differences…with their best friends!  How much hope is there then to discuss controversial matters with those we don’t know?  In this talk, I will offer some specific habits that any college student (or faculty member for that matter!) ought to be committed to developing. 

David (George) Moore is an author and teacher.  His next two books are a primer on the importance of studying history, and another that puts Ralph Waldo Emerson in conversation with Jonathan Edwards.  He is currently working on a documentary about the Dones.  His work has been featured on PBS and he is a regular contributor to Jesus Creed/Christianity Today.  Dave was a visiting scholar at Princeton Theological Seminary.  Some of Dave’s interviews and teaching video can be found at:


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