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Faculty Profiles

korey gregornik at honeyrock
Korey Gregornik

Transportation & Program Maintenance Manager

On Staff since 2016



Growing up in Lake Geneva, WI meant a childhood full of adventure, sun burn, and plenty of waterskiing. I spent just about everyday I could outside in the woods or on the water. My mother was a chef at local camp so from a young age I became accustom to "camp life" and all the experiences to go along with it. Meanwhile, my father would work all day and come home at night to work on his classic 1970 Chevelle in the garage and he always needed someone to hold a flashlight for him... Me. The combination of living and working at a camp with my mother and working on cars with my father has landed me with a passion for working with my hands and finding any excuse I can to get outside.

Over several years in various positions here at HoneyRock, I found myself working as a Grad Assistant serving in the role of "Transportation Coordinator." In this role I found that my passions didn't just stop with mechanics and the great outdoors; Really, my passion was to share those things with others. In my role I am blessed to get to restore, renew, create, and steward a whole host of resources here at HoneyRock but the thing that makes it the best job in the world is getting to do all that while working alongside Vanguard Gap Year Students through the school year and Service Team Campers in the summer. Teaching practical life skills, helping develop transferable attributes, and engaging in discipleship one-on-one has grown me personally in infinite ways and makes everyday I go to work a blessing even greater than the day before.

Wheaton College
Youth Ministry Certificate, 2016

Wheaton College
B.M. Percussion, 2016

Wheaton College Graduate School
M.A. Christian Formation & Ministry, Outdoor Adventure Leadership, 2018