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Faculty Profiles

Anne Eppler Headshot
Anne Eppler

Business Operations Assistant

On Staff since 2023



I grew up outside of Milwaukee in Mequon, Wisconsin, but fell in love with the north woods as a girl. My family began attending family camps at Fort Wilderness when I was five. I continued to attend camp throughout my childhood years and worked on staff there as a teenager. Camp was my place of connection with God, nature, and other people during tumultuous years in my family. God met me at camp repeatedly, and I found refuge and peace in creation. In high school, I worked in the nature center and loved learning and teaching about the beautiful north woods. That experience led me to pursue a forestry degree at the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point, which is where my husband Scott and I met. Though he had not grown up attending camp, he came to love it after a summer we spent working on staff together. As we graduated college and began our work, we agreed that if we went into full-time ministry, it would be in a camp setting. A few years later, as we were living in Three Lakes, a job opened at HoneyRock, and God made it clear that Scott should apply for the position. He started work at HoneyRock in 2001, and we have been part of the ministry since then.

We have loved raising our kids in the community of HoneyRock. Sam, Libby, and Emma have grown up meeting amazing people and having great experiences at camp, both as campers and as staff kids. HoneyRock has grown and shaped us all so much, and I am thankful to be able to contribute to the ministry in a new way as the Business Operations Assistant. I look forward to being part of the welcoming office team and assisting with the behind-the-scenes work that makes camp possible.

In addition to my work at HoneyRock, I am involved at church, leading a children's after-school program for kids in the Three Lakes community. In my free time, I enjoy all things outdoors and spend as much time as possible camping, hiking, paddleboarding, canoeing, and skiing.  

B.S. in Forestry, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point