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Jieyang Zheng

Jieyang ZhengJieyang Zheng

Women's Issues | Child/Adolescent | Couples

Getting to know me
I am a second year Marriage and Family Therapy student at Wheaton College, interning at the Center for Family and Relational Health under the supervision of Dr. Wendy Smith. I was born and raised in a small city in southern China near the Hong Kong/Macau area. In my adult life, I’ve lived in mainstream Western countries since 2011 for education and work. Before coming to Wheaton, I worked in social research for four years understanding the correlation for people within minority groups between communal support, family dynamics and aging with health and wellbeing. Inspired by this work, I chose to become a therapist to empower individuals and families in their healing journey towards wholeness and restoring relationships with each other.

Clinical focus/interest
I am interested in working with families raising children and adolescents who are struggling with anxiety or depression. You may feel confused as to why your children start acting out in ways you never saw before or what is making them shut down and cut off from the rest of the world. In therapy, we can work together to answer those questions and find ways of healing as a family together. I also enjoy working with couples seeking marriage therapy or enrichment. We can work together to strengthen your connection and deepen intimacy as you walk through difficult seasons of life.

Can I come for some individual therapy?
Yes, absolutely. As a marriage and family therapist, I have a strong interest in working with individuals while keeping in mind that we are social beings.  In therapy, we can explore how your relationships have impacted you, how they brought you where you are now and how they make a difference in your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. I’d like to work with you to see how symptoms of depression, anxiety or any other labels you may have received may be connected to struggles in your family and other relationships.

For some, we may consider inviting your family members to be a part of therapy if we feel that it would help you in your healing process.  This can provide an opportunity for each person to gain some insight on the roles each one plays in making changes happen. I want to give you the experience of seeing the many ways where the healing of broken relationships can help you move forward from feeling stuck in your life and thrive.

Does my race and ethnicity matter?
Yes, I am a strong believer in that our race and ethnicity significantly impact on how we experience trauma, pain, healing and joy. As your therapist, I am excited to walk with you, your partner and family through various stages of life in your unique cultural contexts to build strength, resilience and hope when life brings challenges.