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Eunjin Kim

Eunjin-KimEunjin Kim

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Getting to know me

I am a second year Marriage and Family Therapy student at Wheaton College, interning at the Cener for Family and Relational Health under the supervision of Dr. Wendy Smith. I was born and raised in South Korea, and I have traveled and experienced many countries and different cultures. Prior to Wheaton, my family and I had been living in Southeast Asia for 12 years. There, I ran preschools and trained preschool teachers. My family is Korean, and we are a third-culture family that intentionally engages with Southeast Asian communities and individuals while I am attending graduate school. I have a beloved husband and three children.

Client Focus/Interest   

I am interested in working with parents and their whole family to help young children and teens grow holistically. As the old saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” I am passionate about joining into the family system and helping families tackle the challenges faced by third-culture families and Third-Culture Kids (TCK).  

We’re a multicultural family; how do we benefit from family therapy? 

When parents come back from international work assignments or immigrate from their home countries, their children and adolescents may experience stress and anxiety. They may struggle with figuring out their identities and how to build deep relationships. In other cases, they may wrestle with loneliness and depression while adjusting to new social and cultural settings. Through family therapy, I will help you and your children work through these challenges by opening doors for talking about sensitive issues so that they can flourish inside and out.  

We’re always fighting at home; how could family therapy help us? 

We are often surprised by how temperament, or personality differences, between family members can quickly escalate disagreements into heated arguments and conflicts. We may start asking ourselves, “Why would my partner behave that way? Why would my child say such a thing? Why doesn't he/she understand me?” You may feel worried, nervous, and afraid, and these concerns may even keep you up at night. Family therapy could be the key to finding answers to these questions. In our sessions, you will be able to share your struggles in a safe space and grow your skills in communicating and empathizing with members in your family. It may not be an easy journey, but with courage, your family will be able to grow together and connect more deeply. Together, we will work towards a stronger sense of belonging, learning to have more open/meaningful conversations, and experiencing love growing in your family. 

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