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2013-2014 CACE Faculty Article Series

Ever wonder about the practicality of a Liberal Arts education? In this article series, CACE Faculty Seminar participants reflect on the place of the Liberal Arts in the life of a student.

Brian Howell Dr. Brian Howell on "Why Christians Have the Best Reasons to Support the Liberal Arts" 
David Lauber Dr. David Lauber on "The Genius of Liberal Arts Education"
David Fletcher Dr. David Fletcher on  "Philosophy and the Liberal Arts" 
Beth Felker Jones Dr. Beth Jones on  "Christian Liberal Arts: Education for Freedom in Christ" 
Jeffrey Greenberg Dr. Jeff Greenberg on "A Modern Disaster, Where the Arts Lose the Sciences"
Paul Egeland Dr. Paul Egeland on  Reflections on the Liberal Arts as a K-12 Educator
Nancy Falciani-White Nancy Falciani-White, Ed.D. on The Role of information literacy in a Christian liberal arts education.
Miho Nonaka  Niho Nonaka on Education That Points to the True Center
Michael Stauffer Dr. Michael Stauffer on Theater:  A Way of Knowing in the Liberal Arts.

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