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CACE eJournal

eJournal 2020-21

eJournal 2019-20

eJournal 2018-19

eJournal 2017-18

September       featuring George Kalantzis Faculty Article

eJournal 2016-17

April  Issue dedicated to Faculty Articles
January  highlighting upcoming events
December  featuring CACE campus survey results
November  featuring Myles Werntz, Eugene Scott CNN, Dr. Bacote's appearance on Divided We Vote     
October  featuring Painful Hope Event and Kim Sassler Faculty Article
September       featuring Bryan Stevenson and Alison Gibson Faculty Article

eJournal 2014-2015

March  featuring Dr. Jay Wood
February  featuring Dr. Mark Lewis
December  featuring Dr. Brian Howell
September      featuring For the Life of the World

eJournal 2013-2014

March     featuring Faculty Panel