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Resources For the Wheaton College Community

Resources for Wheaton College Faculty and Students

We've pulled together resources for members of the Wheaton College community.

These videos are available for Wheaton College faculty to use in a classroom setting to enhance learning. They feature top experts in the field of faith and disability. You may preview the videos online. To request to use one or more in your classroom, please contact Thomas Boehm (thomas.boehm@wheaton.edu). 

Wheaton College has created a special education endorsement program that is designed to equip educators to effectively serve students with exceptional needs guided by a biblical worldview.

The Learning and Teaching Collaborative advances the mission of the College through innovative partnerships that emphasize student success and faculty development. The LTC facilitates Christ-centered, whole-person education in an inviting, centralized space on campus by providing tools and resources for students from diverse backgrounds or with varied learning needs, while supporting faculty in research-based, theologically-informed, innovative teaching and mentoring.

Disability Foundations


Theology of Disability


Dimensions of Belonging 


Stages of Attitudes