Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Questions:

A: The WCSI is held during the last two weeks of June.  Summer 2024 will be June 16th – 29th.

A: At this point, there is only one session for the WCSI (the last 2 weeks of June).

A: The WCSI is a premier Christian pre-college academic program that prepares high school students for college life and academic work, while offering them opportunities to grow in their faith.

Students will spend two weeks living on Wheaton’s historic campus, taking a college-level course from one of our exceptional faculty members and joining in worship with other Christians from across the country and all over the world.

A: When the application is open, there will be an “Apply Now” button in multiple places on our website. Students will also need a transcript sent and an academic recommendation.

A: We do not have a hard deadline but would prefer if students apply by May 1st.  We will accept students until the courses fill.  The sooner you apply, the better chance you have to get your first choice in courses.

A: Anyone who can speak to your ability to flourish academically in a residential summer intensive collegiate program.

A: Yes!  We’ve had many homeschool students attend the WCSI.

A: Yes! The WCSI has had students attend from 15 different countries and is in the process of being approved to host students through the F-1 visa program.  Until this approval is in place, applicants requiring a visa to enter the United States will be responsible for independently securing a visa permitting travel and study.

For international students whose primary institute of education has English as its primary language of instruction, no evidence of English proficiency is required. However, students whose primary institute of education does not have English as its primary language of instruction are required to submit evidence of English proficiency.
This evidence can come in one of the following ways:

  • TOEFL score of 80 or higher
  • IELTS score of 6.5 or higher
  • Duolingo score of 105 or higher

A: No, unfortunately, this program is only for current high school students (summer after freshman, sophomore, or junior years).

A: Students are accepted on a rolling basis, so as soon as all the materials (application, transcript, and recommendation) are in, our director will review the materials and let the students know within a couple of weeks.

A: The WCSI has enrolled around 120 students each of the past summers.   

A: No.  Once a student is academically and emotionally ready to experience college life, any summer is fine.  Some students choose to come multiple years.

A: It is expected that students will attend every lecture, chapel, and excursion unless otherwise released from doing so. The enrichment events are optional.

A: Yes, the WCSI provides shuttles to both Chicago airports (O’Hare, Midway).  Arrival shuttle times: 10am-3pm.  Departure shuttle times: 7am-1pm.  If flights arrive/depart outside of our shuttle times, students may have to hang out at the airport for a little while (if arriving before--on check in day, or departing after--on departure day, the shuttle times) or find alternate transportation (if arriving after--on check in day, or departing before--on departure day, the shuttle times).

A: In general no. Some airlines count those who are 14 (and younger) as unaccompanied minors and will require the adult’s name, ahead of time, who will receive the child upon arrival. In this case, we are still not picking up your child from the gate but simply receiving your child from the airline at the arrival terminal. You can give the airline the name “Wheaton College Staff” or, if the shuttle schedule is completed, we can provide a name from the departure schedule for you to use.

A: In general no, but if it is emergency, exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Exceptions are most often granted when the student is traveling internationally.

A: Yes, we are happy to receive your child one day early and will arrange to have a shuttle pick them up. Our dining hall might not yet be open so have your child bring money and our RA's will help them get what they need. 

A: In most cases the WCSI is exactly the right place for you but please reach out to the director to discuss your exact situation.

A: COVID Policy
Wheaton College provides a COVID-safe living and learning environment so that our students can continue their studies on campus during the pandemic.

  • Currently, Wheaton does not require but does encourage students to keep current with CDC vaccination recommendations.
  • If a student tests positive they need to isolate in a private room for 5 days and mask for an additional 5 days.  In such a case, the student will be cared for by the WCSI staff, meals will be provided to them, and they will be allowed to join remotely when possible.
  • WCSI staff will not be testing students and request that each student brings at least 2 Covid-19 tests with them in order to self-test if symptoms arise.

The WCSI will follow Wheaton College COVID-safe protocols, and we will update parents and accepted WCSI students closer to the summer session with any necessary details. 

A: Only students are allowed to attend the opening ceremony. However, exceptions can be made. Please reach out to the director if you are a parent and wish to attend (

A: Anyone within reason. 

A: Yes, excursions are mandatory due to the fact that all our RAs and staff go on them, so there is no supervision left at the college.  However, they are a ton of fun and you wouldn’t want to miss them!

A: Health insurance is not required but encouraged. If you do not have health insurance and do not wish to purchase short-term coverage, please indicate, on the health insurance form, that you will pay out of pocket for any medical expenses. This health insurance form will be provided to you after your student has been accepted into the WCSI.

US students looking to purchase some form of insurance please look here for resources: US Students Looking for Health Insurance

International students looking to purchase short term insurance please look here for resources:

If you have further questions, please reach out to

A: WCSI students who wish to obtain a temporary phone plan, especially useful for international students, we have MINT sim cards available for your use. The sim card is free but the plan you will pay for. If you would like a sim card, please email both as well as

Financial Questions:

A: For summer 2024, we are providing an early bird special ($2000) for students who apply, are accepted, and pay by March 1, 2024.  After that date, the cost is $2300 (Music Intensive has an additional $200 course fee).  You can see more details on the Cost page

A: The WCSI has a limited number of partial need-based scholarships. For more details, see the scholarship section on the Cost page.

A: Our need-based scholarship is $670

A: Once a student has been accepted to the WCSI, all you need to do is send us an email explaining what criteria you meet for a need-based scholarship (see the scholarship section on the Cost page for specific criteria).  The scholarship fund is limit and scholarships are distributed on a first come/first serve basis.

A: No.

A: Yes, but we prefer that you pay electronically.

A: The policy is that we do not refund this fee, but often do anyway!

Academic Questions:

A: The WCSI offers around 14-15 course options each summer in a variety of subjects.  Please see the Courses page for specific courses offered this year.

A: Students can only take one course per summer since the courses all meet at the same time.  However, we have had students return a second summer to take another class.

A: Upon successful completion of the WCSI course, students receive 2 college credits.

A: Yes, the credits are transferable to other universities, but it depends on each university as to how they are counted.  In most cases they will be transferred in as elective credits.

A: Yes

A: Students rate their top 5 course choices.  Generally, a student will receive their top choice unless it is filled or if they are not ready for it academically as indicted on their transcript.

A: Class sizes are limited to 15 students.

A: Not officially, but your high school may very well count your WCSI course towards your high school requirements, but this is something for you to investigate. We are happy to provide any help we can from our end.

A: Yes. Wheaton College is committed to providing access and inclusion for all persons with disabilities, inside and outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to discuss with the WCSI staff if they foresee any disability-related barriers in a course. Students who need accommodations in order to fully access this course’s content or any part of the learning experience should connect with their faculty about those requirements. The office of Learning and Accessibility Services (LAS) is available to help facilitate those accommodations or communicate with faculty as needed. LAS is also available to provide information about the accommodations process in the college setting. Please visit: or email to schedule an appointment.

Residential Questions:

A: Typical day: breakfast, 1 ½ hour morning class, chapel, free/study time, lunch, 1 ½ hour afternoon class, free/study time, dinner, free/study/enrichment activity time, floor devotions, bedtime.  There are some Excursion days (trips into Chicago) and Sunday is a Church/Sabbath Day.  See Schedule page for more details.

A: No, the WCSI is a residential program. However, a parent may release their child from the program, for some period of time, by completing a release form.

A: Yes, there will be roommates.  Rooms are arranged in suites (2 rooms with bathroom in between) with 2 students in each room.

A: The WCSI can accommodate a few students who wish to have a single room but this will cost the student an extra fee. We strongly discourage this.

A: We have college students who serve as RAs (Resident Advisors) and a Resident Director (adult/staff) who oversees both the RAs and the students.  The WCSI maintains, at greatest, a 10:1 ratio of student to adult supervision. Students are not allowed to leave campus without an RA/adult/staff or parent.  During our Chicago excursions, additional WCSI staff and faculty attend and provide additional supervision.

A: First, we encourage students to study and/or do any homework for their course, but there is plenty of time for extra fun, too.  Students can play sports (volleyball, soccer, football, frisbee, etc), go to the gym room, hang out with friends, go into downtown Wheaton with their RAs, attend enrichment events (which happen most evenings), etc.

A: Students are not allowed to leave campus without an RA/staff or parent.  If a parent needs to take their student off campus during the program, they need to complete a release form which can be obtained by emailing

A: Students will receive a more detailed “What to bring” list when they have registered.
We will provide a pillow, pillowcase, fitted sheet, top sheet, blanket, bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth. The linens can be replaced halfway through for a fresh set. Keep in mind that you will be sharing a space with others and that while we have zero expectation of this happening, Wheaton College is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken items.

A: Students do not need to bring any money with them, all essentials are covered. However, if they’d like to purchase something from the bookstore or go out for coffee/ice cream or anything extra, a little money could be helpful, but that’s really up to each student and parents as to how much they might want.

A: Students should dress in an appropriate manner at all times (No low-cut or revealing clothing or clothing with inappropriate language or artwork). For lectures, students must refrain from wearing pajamas or workout/exercise clothing. Your appearance should be appropriate for the given activity at all times. Any clothing that is inappropriate or unprofessional will be addressed by WCSI staff. If you have questions about whether or not an article of clothing is appropriate, just send us an email or ask WCSI staff sometime over summer.

A: Yes, the WCSI staff and Wheaton College’s Café Bon Appetit food service will work with the students to get meals that meet their dietary needs.

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