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The Wheaton College Summer Institute is a Great Value

For the price, the Wheaton College Summer Institute is one of the best values you'll find for a college summer program for high school students. Unlike other pre-college programs, we offer an affordable, residential and in-person, distinctly Christian program, taught by faculty experts. 

The WCSI is the premiere Christian pre-college summer program for high school students. You will live on the campus of Wheaton College with other outstanding high school students from around the world, take college-level classes from expert teachers, attend campus seminars and lectures, and participate in worship and other spiritual development activities. 

Your experience at the Wheaton College Summer Institute will help you:

  • Prepare for college. Take a college-level class, attend evening enrichment events and concerts, and experience life in the residence halls.
  • Learn from Wheaton College faculty and expert teachers alongside students from around the world.
  • Explore your academic interests or discover new ones. Choose from an exciting menu of courses.
  • Grow in your faith. Learn about Christ-centered higher education, participate in worship, and join a Bible study or prayer group in your residence hall.
  • Receive guidance for applying to college and completing the Common Application and applying to Wheaton.


The total cost* for the Wheaton College Summer Institute is $2,300.
(Early Bird price* $2000 - Apply, Be Accepted, and Pay by March 1, 2024) 
This includes:

  • Two week's stay in a Wheaton College residence hall
  • 38 meals in our top-ranked dining commons
  • One college-level course with our renowned faculty and associated college credit hours
  • Support from our knowledgeable staff for every part of your college application journey
  • Expedited application to Wheaton College (pending successful program completion)
  • Wheaton College application fee waiver
  • If you apply and are accepted to Wheaton College after successful completion** of the WCSI, you will receive a $500 scholarship***, renewable for up to four years, to Wheaton College. 

*Music Intensive course has an additional $200 instructional fee.

**Students who earn a failing grade in their course, drop or withdraw from their course or who have consistently acted in ways incongruous with the Wheaton College Student Handbook, have not successfully completed the WCSI and are thereby ineligible to receive the WCSI scholarship to Wheaton College.

***If you attend the WCSI more than once, you will only receive one scholarship.


The WCSI has a limited number of partial need-based scholarships.
A student is eligible for a partial scholarship if one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • You are eligible to participate in the federal free or reduced-price lunch program
  • Your parent(s) qualified for an Earned Income Tax Credit in the most recently filed tax return
  • You are eligible to receive need-based financial aid from an educational institution such as Stanford OHS
  • You are eligible to receive an AP exam fee reduction or an SAT/ ACT fee waiver. 

Note 1: These are not the only conditions which prove eligibility but are examples of the kinds of conditions that do. If you feel that you ought to be eligible for a partial scholarship due to financial hardship, and do not meet at least one of these example conditions, please email us to start a conversation!
Note 2: With regards to the example conditions, a student and their family need not actually receive the listed benefits but must simply be eligible to receive one or more of them. We do not require you to prove that you meet the conditions for these benefits but merely require that you affirm that you meet them.
Note 3: Due to there being only a limit number of partial scholarships, not everyone who requests a scholarship will receive one. These scholarships will be distributed on a first come first serve basis with respect to those who complete their applications.

Please email us at wcsi@wheaton.edu to start the scholarship process.

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