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Strategic Investment

A big house and some chairs in the woodsFacilities & Equipment Fund - $2M

  • Replacement of 4 aging “temporary” canvas tents with new cabins, built in-house
  • Replacement of 4 aging passenger vans used for camper and student transportation
  • Limited renovation of Chrouser Dining Hall
  • A new permanent pavilion for camper worship to replace the temporary tent
  • Repurposed space to replace aging multi-use housing for summer seasonal staff, volunteers, and guests
  • Modest re-investment into equestrian facilities and equipment

Impact of Facilities & Equipment Investment

  • Improved living experience for campers and students

One cabin will serve 2,000 campers and students over its lifespan of 40 years.

  • Safe and reliable transportation with reduced parts and service costs

One van will serve 13,000 campers and students over a 10-year lifespan.

  • Ongoing nourishment and impactful mealtimes for our campers, students, and staff

Our amazing kitchen staff serves over 90,000 meals per year in Chrouser!

  • Enhanced worship experiences and expansion of outdoor meeting spaces

A worship pavilion will serve 1,000+ overnight campers and 150+ undergraduate students each summer, plus hundreds more.

  • Improved residential facilities will support recruitment of summer staff and filling volunteer positions, as well as HoneyRock guests.

Efficient multi-use housing, utilizing existing structures, will serve 30+ seasonal staff and guests each year with lower maintenance costs.

Summer Camp Fund - $1.8M

  • Add 4 new camper cabins, built in-house
  • Add capacity to key activity areas, including a new climbing tower, improved volleyball court, kayaks, paddleboards, and other key activities
  • Additional camper scholarship funds

Impact of Summer Camp Investment

  • Each additional cabin will serve 32 campers and 18 students each summer which is 2,000 campers and students over its useful life of 40 years!
  • We offer 14 activity areas today and expanded capacity, particularly with a new larger climbing wall, will enable us to serve 150 additional campers each summer.
  • Additional camper scholarships. These camper scholarships will help subsidize the cost for 300 additional campers every year.



People canoeing
A lady reading to a group of people

Student Leaders Fund - $2.2M

Create a student leader scholarship fund to offer:

  • An annual returning student leader bonus
  • Tuition discounts to support recruitment for Vanguard Gap Year, undergrad summer classes, and the graduate program
  • Tuition discounts for Wheaton College students that take a HoneyRock-based summer school class in May and stay to work and serve in the summer

Impact of Student Leader Investment

  • 50 high quality and experienced college student leaders returning to serve campers on an annual basis
  • 20 high caliber graduate students recruited, hired, and trained to serve in the planning and implementation of our summer camp and school year programs
  • 10 additional Vanguard students benefiting from our life-changing gap year program that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it
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