Where To Start?

Local churches are often the first place people go when a disaster hits. Disaster ministry is essential to churches that want to effectively care for people in these times of crisis. Here are some ways to begin.

  1. Attend the annual Disaster Ministry Conference and attend sessions in the Disaster Ministry track. A past topic: “Engaging Your Congregation and the Faith Community in Building a Disaster Response Team in Preparation for Local and National Response.” (Download the Presentation) 
  2. Make use of our available resources for disaster ministry as well as for disaster spiritual and emotional care, including a public health planning guide, articles that address ministry topics, and more. 
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  4. Check out HDI’s Disaster Ministry Handbook (Jan 2016). More > 

“Aten and Boan provide practical procedures for establishing disaster ministries in your church, healing the hearts of those in distress as well as helping those in need. Every pastor should prepare to lead, even in the most difficult circumstances; to that end this book is vital.”Ed Stetzer, author and pastor.