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Our experts are available to write stories, offer quotes, share research findings, and provide background for stories on humanitarian and disaster issues.

HDI faculty, staff, and contributing scholars regularly publish articles in popular publications including the Washington Post, Christianity Today, USA Today, Psychology Today, Sojourners, Church Law & Tax, RNS, and more, and have appeared on news reports, podcasts, and other media. Our research has also been cited in publications around the country and globe. 

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Recent publications

Why aren't people taking available jobs?

Dr. Aten talks with CNN's Michael Smerconish about the recent challenges for employers in terms of hiring employees in the current environment.

The Washington Post logo
Tips for helping a loved one after a tragedy, from a Christian disaster expert

You may feel as if you have nothing to offer, but you do—and here are a few practical ways to help. Jamie Aten

Christianity Today logo
A Walking Disaster

How a hurricane helped me weather my battle with cancer. Jamie Aten

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Words Still Matter

Even in naming evil we’re to be guided by love for the suffering and those who cause suffering. Kent Annan

Psychology Today logo
Wired for Survival

Understand and harness your body's natural stress response when it counts. Jamie Aten


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Before flooding Louisiana with ‘help,’ read this

Being a spontaneous unaffiliated volunteer (what we call an SUV) is likely to cause more harm than good. Here are some suggestions that will help you help without causing unintentional harm. Jamie Aten and Ed Stetzer

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How to Start a Disaster Ministry

The vital steps churches can take in creating the best ministry for the worst times. Jamie Aten

USA Today logo
The Thai soccer team is out of the cave. But the road to recovery is just beginning.

Jamie Aten is quoted in this USA Today story on the Thai cave rescue, sharing about the psychological impact of a trauma like this.

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Faith, Hope, and Love: What Churches Can Bring to Disaster Relief

This article from Lifeway's Facts & Trends features quotes from Jamie Aten about HDI's work with disaster mental health research and Spiritual First Aid.

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Disaster and Crisis Reaction

In this episode of The Table, Drs. Darrell L. Bock and Jamie Aten discuss how the church can react to disasters, focusing on the work of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute.

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Colorectal Cancer Striking Younger People

Jamie Aten is featured in this CBS Chicago piece, sharing about his own experience with colon cancer and how that has connected to his disaster work.