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The Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI) offers resources for disaster spiritual and emotional care, disaster ministry, and for humanitarian development. These resources are intended for lay helpers, congregations, and faith-based organizations, as well as for students and professionals in the fields of public health, mental health, and disaster management.

Evangelical COVID Vaccine Outreach Toolkit

covid-outreach-toolkit-thumbnailA helpful resource on an evangelical response to the COVID vaccine situation created by Jamie Aten, Ph.D., and Kent Annan, M.Div.

Download the COVID Vaccine toolkit
Christian Meaning Making through Suffering

suffering-white-paper-thumbnailWhite paper by Jason McMartin, Kelly M. Kapic, Eric J. Silverman, M. Elizabeth Lewis Hall, Jamie Aten, Crystal L. Park, and Laura Shannonhouse

Download the PDF of the white paper

A Walking Disaster Book Cover ResizeBooks

Find out about this book and others either written by HDI faculty or recommended by HDI.

Tipsheet thumbnailHDI Tipsheets

The one- or two-page resources are practical how-to guides for a variety of disaster spiritual and emotional care topics.

Journal of Psychology and Theology CoverJournals, Articles, Manuals and Videos

Information on a valuable collection of resources curated by HDI for your reference.