HDI COVID-19 Webinar Archives

We'll be adding recordings of our weekly COVID-19 webinars here, so check back for additional episodes as they become available. 

4/16/2021 Confronting Racism

2/19/2021 Phygital Church: Building Physical and Digital Space for Ministry Impact in 2021

1/15/2021 How to Keep Creating in Challenging Times

12/11/20 Resilience for a COVID Winter

10/23/20 Leading Through COVID-19

9/11/20 From Grief to Endurance - Spiritual & Mental Health for the Long Haul

8/20/20 Faith and Science in Pandemic Times

8/6/20 Spiritual and Mental Health for Children and Teens

6/19/20 Webinar - What You Need to Know Before Returning to Church in Person

6/12/20 Webinar - Safety Logistics for Church Reopening, Part 2

6/5/20 Webinar - Race, Church & Response in Crisis

5/29/20 Webinar Safety Logistics for Church Reopening

5/22/20 - Legal and Liability Issues for Reopening the Church

5/15/20 Webinar - Considering When and How to Reopen Your Church Part 2

5/8/2020 - Town Hall: Considering When and How to Reopen Your Church

5/1/20 - COVID-19 Spiritual Care Questions & Answers: Turning Research Into Practice

4/24/20 - Providing Practical Presence in the Midst of a Pandemic

4/17/20 - Technology and Spiritual & Emotional Care

4/9/20 - HDI Discusses Holy Week and COVID19

3/27/20 - Introduction to Spiritual First Aid

3/20/20 - Coronavirus and Self Care

3/13/20 - Preparing Your Church for Coronavirus