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Certificate in Early Christian Studies

Wheaton College undergraduate students can obtain a certificate in Early Christian Studies, regardless of primary studies or major.

Coordinator, George Kalantzis

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The Certificate in Early Christian studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to introduce undergraduate students to the systematic study of the broad fields of patristic and early Christian literature and help them investigate historical and theological questions related to the early Church. One of the primary goals of the program is to foster and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the history, theology, literature, and worship of the multifaceted world of early Christianity through the close study of textual and material resources in thematic and group study sessions.

The program’s academic home is the School of Biblical and Theological Studies, with a number of courses offered through other academic departments including, but not limited to, History, Foreign Languages, Art, Sociology, Anthropology, and the School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership.

Students from any major are eligible for the 24-hour Certificate in Early Christian Studies. Students will complete a ten-hour core of courses that investigate the historical and theological foundations of early Christianity. This core will include a capstone course designed to integrate approaches from several key disciplines. In addition, students will select 14 hours of classes from a variety of offerings from different departments. These classes will be distributed among three main areas: ecclesiastical, contextual, and textual.

Beginning in spring 2015, students enrolled in the capstone Patristic Theology course will be involved in a unique, cooperative project between The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies and Fortress Press. Along with the professors, students will work with, edit, and annotate original Patristic texts that will be published by Fortress Press as part of the series.