2009 HNGR Symposium

Enabling Local Vision, Effecting Global Change

Symposium Overview

Symposium Theme
The fourth annual Symposium in Human Needs and Global Resources focused on ways that fostering sustainable development at the local level facilitates a wider access to resources that reduce poverty and hunger.  In particular, the Symposium examined how initiatives in community health and development address disparities that both stem from and contribute to poverty. This was accomplished by highlighting one of our longstanding host partners, Luke Society, an organization that promotes and facilitates healthcare development in developing nations by coming alongside the vision of local practitioners, enabling them to create programs of whole-person wellness that place health back in the hands of the communities. Our plenary session, workshops, panels, and other events clustered around the theme of holistic community health and its relationship to global hunger, poverty, and development.

Dr. Apolos Landa, Luke Society Regional Coordinator for South America, delivered the plenary address entitled, "Enabling Local Vision, Effecting Global Change : Comprehensive Health and Transformation of Communities." The plenary concluded with a panel between Dr. Landa and his fellow Luke Society Regional Coordinators, Dr. John Boateng of Ghana and Dr. Pal Oroszi of Ukraine. Dr. John Boateng gave the Chapel Convocation.