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Who is HNGR? Podcast Series

Who is HNGR? 

"Who is HNGR?" is a series that expresses the heart of our program: the people and communities that make the learning experience possible, including Wheaton faculty, staff, students, alumni, and partner organizations. In each podcast we learn more about the people who make HNGR possible and explore how their participation in the program has impacted their learning and work at Wheaton and in the wider global community.


Episode 1: A Conversation with Dr. Laura Yoder and Hannah Appleyard 

In this episode, we had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Laura Yoder, Director and John Stott Chair of Human Needs and Global Resources, and Professor of Environmental Studies, who has been on the faculty of Wheaton College since 2013.

We also invited Hannah Appleyard (B.A. Music 2019) to join us to talk about her experience as a HNGR intern in Indonesia in 2018 with SIL International. The music credits are from Hannah's Independent Study Project, titled, "Mawai Panyomba Re Pue Allah" from the Taa people.

PODCAST: Enjoy the podcast with Dr. Yoder and Hannah Appleyard here.


Episode 2: A Conversation with Dr. George Kalantzis 

In this episode, we had the opportunity to hear from Dr. George Kalantzis, (Professor of Theology, The Director of The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies, Director of M.A. in History of Christianity, and Director of M.A. in Theology). In this conversation, we chat about George’s involvement with the HNGR office and the lessons he’s learned while accompanying HNGR interns since 2007. people.

PODCAST: Enjoy the podcast with Dr. George Kalantzis here.


Episode 2: A Conversation with Dr. George Kalantzis 

In this episode, we chat with Sade Bamimore (she/her), a 2018 HNGR intern who worked with Paz y Esperanza in Peru. As of January 2022, Sade is a published author of the book Reimagining Systems for a Sustainable Future

Sade hopes that her book inspires readers toward sustainability action. Apart from writing, Sade is a Sustainability Consultant and DE&I Council Member at ERM. Prior to ERM, she worked in nature-based solutions at the United Nations Development Programme. In 2022, Sade was recognized as a GreenBiz Emerging Leader by GreenBiz Group. Sade earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Certificate in Human Needs and Global Resources from Wheaton College in May 2019. She has developed a broadened scope on what it means to live and act within planetary boundaries through her studies of Sustainable Development and Environmental Science in Denmark, Sweden, Costa Rica, Chile, and Peru.

The music credits are from Lora Boll (2019), a selection from J.S.Bach Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor. 

PODCAST: Enjoy the podcast with Sade Bamimore here and check out her publication, Reimagining Systems for a Sustainable Future, here.