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The HNGR Podcast

Welcome to our podcast where we reflect and learn together to accompany communities worldwide toward justice and fullness of life.

Who is HNGR? Podcast Series

“Who is HNGR?" is a series that expresses the heart of our program: the people and communities that make the learning experience possible, including Wheaton faculty, staff, students, alumni, and partner organizations. In each podcast we learn more about the people who make HNGR possible and explore how their participation in the program has impacted their learning and work at Wheaton and in the wider global community.

Spring 2021 Symposium Podcasts


2021’s Spring Symposium focused on addressing a timely and important question: How are local organizations that work for positive social, political, economic change responding to the challenges and opportunities generated by the COVID-19 pandemic? We explored the question in a series of informative podcasts that are hosted by Wheaton College faculty. In each podcast we hear from leaders of different faith-based organizations working in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and from Wheaton College alum who worked in each organization as part of their internships in the Human Needs and Global Resources Program.