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Human Needs and Global Resources

Learning to accompany communities worldwide toward justice and fullness of life


People of HNGR

Meet our faculty and staff, alumni, and interns on the field. 

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HNGR Certificate Program

Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR) is an academic certificate program that integrates multidisciplinary coursework, a six-month internship, and whole-person formation through experiential learning.

HNGR: Janice Leung

HNGR Research

HNGR sponsors faculty, staff, and student research and presents findings often in academic settings. 

HNGR 2023-24 Symposium Poster
2023-2024 Symposium Series in Human Needs and Global Resources

Borders, Belonging, and New Creation

For the Fall 2023 HNGR Symposium, we will consider how borders figure into our thinking, imagining, relating, and living. How does our bordering - our actions of border-making - shape our practices of belonging? How might our anticipated future of new creation influence our present-day border practices?

Listen and learn with us through a series of events during the 2023-2024 school year.

Learn About the 23-24 Symposium

The HNGR Podcast

Welcome to our podcast where we reflect and learn together to accompany communities worldwide toward justice and fullness of life.


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John Stott Endowment Initiatives

Since 2013, the John Stott Endowment has enabled the Human Needs and Global Resources Program to broaden its impact on and off campus by supporting new initiatives.  These include inviting international leaders for significant, sustained interactions with the campus and surrounding community; supporting extended faculty engagement with critical human needs; funding faculty research worldwide on central Program themes; and student scholarships.

International Visiting Scholar, Artist, or Practitioner

Provides an opportunity for College departments to nominate and host individuals directly involved in addressing the wide array of human needs to spend 1-4 months during the academic year (August-May) at Wheaton College, for the purpose of interacting with the campus community in both formal and informal ways over the course of her or his stay. Past recipients include Rev. Dr. D. Zac Niringiye (see video).

Faculty Research Grants

Supports faculty research and creative projects on core themes of poverty/wealth, injustice, violence/peace, human dignity, environmental impacts of human activities, and flourishing of the earth and its inhabitants. 

Faculty Study/Research Leave

Impacts the Wheaton campus long-term by investing deeply in faculty development through a significant international engagement with core themes and the partnership-based approach of the Human Needs and Global Resources Program.

(John Stott image attribution: BlueMoses at en.wikipedia)
Learn More about these Initiatives

Got Questions About the HNGR Certificate? We have answers.

Check out our FAQs for host organizations and HNGR students.

Isaya Otsuka ’20, M.A. ’21
HNGR Alumni Profile

Maintaining Relationships as a World Traveler

"It’s a really unique experience because when you go out into the field, you’re on your own. It’s not a study abroad program and no one else from the College is with you. It’s up to you to immerse yourself in the community, to engage, and to live and learn firsthand."

Isaya Otsuka ’20, M.A. ’21

During his two-semester internship in the Philippines through Wheaton’s Human Needs and Global Resources program, Isaya Otsuka ’20, M.A. ’21 gained invaluable skills in cultivating friendships with people from all around the globe.

Read Isaya Otsuka's Story
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