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Wheaton College IL Joshua Savidge

December 16, 2022

Living by a Global Gospel

Author: Melissa Schill Penney ’22

Both as a history and TESOL student at Wheaton, as well as in his current work, Joshua Savidge ’17, M.A. ’18 actively seeks out ways to bear cross-cultural and interdisciplinary witness to the hope he finds in Christ.

Wheaton College IL Graduate School Liliana Ramos Rodriguez

December 14, 2022

An Educator Goes Back to School

Author: Cassidy Keenan ’21

Recently graduated from Wheaton College Graduate School’s biblical exegesis program, Liliana Ramos Rodriguez M.A. ’22 is dedicated to ministry in her local communities and the growing church in Colombia and Latin America.

Wheaton College IL Graduate School Emily Shattuck

December 9, 2022

Cows and Chickens and Sheep, Oh My!

Author: Ciera Horton McElroy ’17

Emily Shattuck M.A. ’22 takes an unconventional ministry route by combining her childhood love for farming and ranching with her passion for building up the new generations of Christian youth.

Wheaton College IL Dr. David Tarus alumnus

December 7, 2022

Training Pastors to Lead New Churches Throughout Africa

Author: Peter Biles ’20

As executive director of the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa, Dr. David Tarus M.A. ’09 has dedicated his life’s work to strengthening the theological foundation of rapidly growing church populations in Africa.

Wheaton College IL HNGR Lucy Bruno

December 2, 2022

Caring for the Foreigners in Your Midst

Author: Melissa Schill Penney ’22

A graduate of Wheaton College’s Human Needs and Global Resources program, Lucy Bruno ’21 reflects on how building relationships with refugees reveals the heart of Jesus, who was himself a refugee with his family shortly after his miraculous Christmas birth.

Wheaton College IL Graduate School David and Jennifer Shin

November 30, 2022

A Ph.D. Couple Studies the Theology of Rest and Joy

Author: Ashley Rydberg Bright ’10

Drawn to the expertise of faculty in the Wheaton College Graduate School, Euntaek “David” Ph.D. ’22 and Jennifer Shin Ph.D. ’23 have spent the past several years completing doctoral work in systematic theology and Old Testament biblical studies.

Favor Ezewuzie portrait photo

November 25, 2022

When A Short-Distance Runner Chooses to Slow Down

Author: Cassidy Keenan ’21

After pouring her all into track and field performance and spending five years studying education, Favor Ezewuzie ’20 is taking time to reflect on some of the academic and spiritual lessons God has taught her through the years.

Jadon Yeager portrait photo

November 23, 2022

When Class is Like Going Through a Family Photo Album

Author: Marisa Foxwell Duttweiler ’13

A missionary kid who grew up in various parts of southeast and east Asia, Jadon Yeager ’25 weighs in on the value of cross-cultural engagement and storytelling.

Ziyue Gu headshot for Wheaton College

November 18, 2022

Learning From Lament

Author: Jenna Watson ’21

After growing up in a household that solely emphasized the more joy-filled stories in Scripture, Ziyue Gu ’19 is coming to terms with the reality and necessity of Christian lament in the church and in criminology.

Jasper Bacon headshot

November 16, 2022

Ready, Set, Football

Author: Allison Althoff Steinke ’11

Jasper Bacon ’82 is a first-hand witness to the transformative power of Christian athletics and how his tightly knit Wheaton community propelled him into founding a thriving student ministry in his hometown of Canton, Mississippi.

Meredith Eades headshot for Wheaton College

November 11, 2022

Unanticipated Avenues for Sharing Christ’s Love

Author: Peter Biles ’20

As a pandemic college grad, Meredith Eades ’20 found herself taking on a job that, on paper, seemed unrelated to her music and biology degrees from Wheaton. But the gifts God has given her are proving applicable far beyond the bounds of academic majors.

Jonathan Chung headshot Wheaton College

November 9, 2022

Home Cooked Meals and Health Insurance

Author: Melissa Schill Penney ’22

Jonathan Chung ’19 established rhythms of hospitality while a student at Wheaton, building international community from his apartment kitchen. Now, he extends that same welcome and focus on holistic wellbeing with his physical therapy clients.

Abbi Littrell headshot for Wheaton College

November 4, 2022

A Path from Veterinary School to Theology Studies

Author: Jasmine S. Young ’13

Between Wheaton Connection, Discipleship Ministries, and a biology major, Abbi Littrell’s campus experience set the stage for her current post-graduate pursuits in bioethics and theology. Now, she is helping students discover their own passion for ministry and the Word.

Benjamin Hess headshot for social media

November 2, 2022

When Lightning Strikes Glen Ellyn

Author: Ashley Rydberg Bright ’10

A fluke of a weather pattern became the source material for years of research for Benjamin Hess ’19, whose discoveries have been picked up by national news outlets and gained the attention of scientific experts across numerous scientific fields.

Madhu Headshot Wheaton College Graduate School

October 28, 2022

Developing Mental Health Resources for the Field

Author: Bethany Peterson Lockett ’20

With an advanced degree in clinical and mental health counseling, Madhu Balasubramaniam M.A. ’22 has dedicated her life to bringing holistic healing to victims of human trafficking through International Justice Mission.

Wheaton College Landscape Operations watering flower display outside Edman Chapel

October 26, 2022

Closer to Eden

Author: Kailin Richardson ’20

No matter the season, Wheaton College’s Landscape Operations team pours perseverance and prayer into their efforts to create campus grounds that are communal spaces for both worshipful work and rest.

768x512 Ethan Kim headshot

October 21, 2022

Finding Healing Amid Spiritual Tension

Author: Peter Biles ’20

After living out his freshman year during one of the most divisive years in the U.S. and the globe, Ethan Kim ’24 is intent on pursuing a life of fervent prayer and Christ-centered community in addition to his studies in economics and classical languages.

768x512 Mattea Gernentz portrait

October 19, 2022

Beauty in the Ordinary

Author: Bethany Peterson Lockett ’20

In her artist’s life as a poet and curator in Scotland, Mattea Gernentz ’20 draws from a storehouse of literature, history, and her own personal memories to inspire those around her to find meaning beyond what first meets the eye.

768x512 Joshua Clark Wheaton College headshot

October 14, 2022

Bringing Hope to Healthcare in Georgia

Author: Ciera Horton McElroy ’17

Whether on the clock in the oncology unit or volunteering with community clinics, Joshua Clark ’19 is finding ways to integrate gospel mission with quality healthcare in one of the most diverse square miles in the United States.

Samantha Ferreira Headshot for Wheaton College

October 12, 2022

Language and Land Through the Lens of Ruth

Author: Ciera Horton McElroy ’17

For Samantha Ferreira ’25, a third culture kid majoring in Hebrew at Wheaton College, language study is all about discovering anew the nuanced beauty of God’s Word and building closer relationships with those around her.


October 7, 2022

Maintaining Relationships as a World Traveler

Author: Jasmine S. Young ’13

During his two-semester internship in the Philippines through Wheaton’s Human Needs and Global Resources program, Isaya Otsuka ’20, M.A. ’21 gained invaluable skills in cultivating friendships with people from all around the globe.

Wheaton College Passage Orientation HoneyRock Northwoods

October 5, 2022

Embarking on the Wheaton College Journey

Author: Eliana Chow ’21

To kick off the 2022-2023 academic year, Wheaton College launched its newly improved and reimagined Passage Orientation for freshmen. This was the first year that the Passage experience was fully integrated into orientation.

Beata Keller headshot for Wheaton College Graduate School

September 30, 2022

An Educator Encounters the Lord’s Promised Future and Hope

Author: Eliana Chow ’21

When she heard a meditation on Jeremiah 29:11 in a Wheaton College Graduate School classroom, Beata Keller M.A. ’09 was convicted of her calling to become a teacher of English as a second language.

Alfredo Sanchez headshot for Wheaton College

September 23, 2022

Students at Christian Schools Need Church, Too

Author: Peter Biles ’20

After he became a Christian in high school through Young Life, Alfredo (Freddy) Sanchez Jr. ’18 has cultivated a pastoral heart for supporting college students through the local church.

768x512 Abigail Helm headshot

September 16, 2022

“We Aren’t Meant to Be Alone”

Author: Allison Althoff Steinke ’11

As she pursues her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Wheaton College, Abigail Helm ’21, M.A. ’23 has discovered a rich Christian community that demonstrates how crucial relationships can be to faithful, Christ-centered healing.

768x512 Stephen Stapleton headshot

September 9, 2022

Ending Polarization Through Daily Faith

Author: Bethany Peterson Lockett ’20

Student Body President Stephen Stapleton ’23 is committed to fostering unity in a divided political climate.

768x512 Nylah Fuller Wheaton College Graduate School headshot

September 2, 2022

A Redirected Vision

Author: Jenna Watson ’21

How an interest in evangelicalism and Black Church traditions led Nylah Fuller M.A. ’23 to Wheaton’s M.A. in History of Christianity program.

768x512 Joshua Price headshot Wheaton College HNGR

August 26, 2022

When Computer Science Meets Ministry

Author: Eliana Chow ’21

Ever wondered how you can connect a STEM major with ministry? As an IT intern at a nonprofit organization in Indonesia, Joshua Price ’23 is using his computer science background to create hospitable spaces in the company and local community.

768x512 Emily Fromke headshot Wheaton College

August 19, 2022

Faith and Politics on Capitol Hill

Author: Jasmine S. Young ’13

After a prolific undergraduate career working for Wheaton College’s student newspaper and studying political science, Emily Fromke ’19 took her writing to the heart of Washington D.C., where she has embraced the tension of being a young Christian in government and public policy.

768x512 Joseph Milligran headshot Wheaton College

August 12, 2022

A Glimpse into the Rising Generation of Educators

Author: Eliana Chow ’21

For Joseph Milligan ’23, a missionary kid from Kenya, being an educator is about much more than teaching new material. At Wheaton College, he has encountered the value of learning from professors who care deeply about their students even beyond the classroom, and hopes to do the same for his future students.

768x512 Celine Widjaja Chicago portrait

August 10, 2022

Christianity in the Secular Marketplace

Author: Eliana Chow ’21

Celine Widjaja ’23 used to believe her Christian values were incompatible with corporate business culture. Throughout her studies at Wheaton College, she has found quite the opposite to be true, and is learning how Christianity can have a tangible impact on promoting healthy work environments.

768x512 Luke Tseng headshot for Wheaton College Graduate School

August 5, 2022

An Aspiring Aerospace Engineer Walks into a Missions Conference

Author: Ciera Horton McElroy ’17

The vocational trajectory of Luke Tseng M.A. ’12, Psy.D. ’20 changed forever when he attended Urbana 06 and boldly committed his career to providing mental healthcare to those in missionary contexts.

768x512 Sarah Hernandez portrait

July 29, 2022

Engineering Balance

Author: Jenna Watson ’21

As she juggled a STEM major and athleticism on the soccer field, Sarah Hernandez ’24 found there was more to the college experience than career preparation and high performance.

768x512 Samuel Reich headshot

July 27, 2022

When Old Words Open Doors to New Beauty

Author: Eliana Chow ’21

From reading the Bible in its original language to wrestling with old Greek philosophies, Samuel Reich ’22 shares his awe of the power of language to simultaneously transport readers to the past and help them envision a more hopeful future.

768x512 headshot of Haley Morgan for Wheaton College

July 22, 2022

Inspiring Rebellious Hope

Author: Eliana Chow ’21

Having recently graduated from Wheaton’s liberal arts nursing program, Haley Morgan ’22 looks back at how her experiences on campus equipped her to keep Christ at the center of her healthcare profession.

768x512 Portrait of Roger Moss Wheaton College Alumni

July 15, 2022

Putting Students First

Author: Charles Hermesmann ’22

As the first African American School Board President of Savannah-Chatham County in Georgia, Roger Moss ’77 is a stalwart advocate of removing barriers to education for students from lower-income families.