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768x512 Luke Tseng headshot for Wheaton College Graduate School

August 5, 2022

An Aspiring Aerospace Engineer Walks into a Missions Conference

Author: Ciera Horton McElroy ’17

The vocational trajectory of Luke Tseng M.A. ’12, Psy.D. ’20 changed forever when he attended Urbana 06 and boldly committed his career to providing mental healthcare to those in missionary contexts.

768x512 Sarah Hernandez portrait

July 29, 2022

Engineering Balance

Author: Jenna Watson ’21

As she juggled a STEM major and athleticism on the soccer field, Sarah Hernandez ’24 found there was more to the college experience than career preparation and high performance.

768x512 headshot of Haley Morgan for Wheaton College

July 22, 2022

Inspiring Rebellious Hope

Author: Eliana Chow ’21

Having recently graduated from Wheaton’s liberal arts nursing program, Haley Morgan ’22 looks back at how her experiences on campus equipped her to keep Christ at the center of her healthcare profession.

768x512 Portrait of Roger Moss Wheaton College Alumni

July 15, 2022

Putting Students First

Author: Charles Hermesmann ’22

As the first African American School Board President of Savannah-Chatham County in Georgia, Roger Moss ’77 is a stalwart advocate of removing barriers to education for students from lower-income families.