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Wheaton College IL Blanchard Hall

Top 10 Summer 2022 Stories


Kids These Days: Insights on College Freshmen, Emerging Adulthood, and Gen-Z

Young adults are grappling with unique challenges and questions as they navigate change. Read more in this feature that collates research and interviews from Wheaton faculty, staff, and alumni.


Witnessing Creation: Twelve Wheaton Natural Scientists Share their Research

Our professors are hard at work conducting research in their respective fields. In Wheaton magazine, explore the work of Wheaton natural sciences faculty as they seek to cultivate a sense of wonder at creation.


Before the Banners: The History and Legacy of Women’s Athletics

“Before a single banner was hung or picture framed, the founding mothers of Wheaton athletics labored for years in relative anonymity.” Dive into the personalities that built Wheaton Women’s Athletics from the ground up in this magazine feature.


Free to Swim

Priscilla Min ’22 chose Wheaton for the space it gave her to pursue excellence in athletics, academics, and faith. Learn more about her journey as a Wheaton swimmer in this sports profile.


Jerry Woehr ’08, M.A. ’13, Director of International Student Programs

“We have the gift of calling many places home.” As director of the International Students Program on campus, Jerry Woehr ’08, M.A. ’13 dedicates his time to helping F-1 visa, missionary, and third-culture students feel at home on campus.


Feeding a Growing World

In this alumni profile, get to know Krista Brinkley McDonald ’01, a brand director who is committed to helping families cultivate healthy dinner tables and healthy communities.


Undergraduate Student Profile: Kendra Paez ’22

After completing her undergraduate degree in international relations and urban studies, Kendra Paez ’22 is working alongside the Peace Corps in The Gambia for the next two years.


Music and the Redemptive Invitation of Christ

The Wheaton Concert Choir and String Orchestra premiered Ave Verum Corpus, an original work by American composer Morten Lauridsen. The March performance was a preview of the commissioning vision of the future John and Anita Nelson Center for Sacred Music.


Graduate Student Profile: Emmanuel Kwizera M.A. ’23

As a current Billy Graham Scholar in the Wheaton College Graduate School’s program for evangelism and leadership, Emmanuel Kwizera M.A. ’23 identifies lessons the American church can glean from reconciliation efforts in Rwanda.


Dr. Mary Vanderschoot, Professor of Mathematics

“As Christians, math helps us to see God’s creation in a different light. It expands our curiosity and helps us to see patterns.” In this faculty profile, hear more from Dr. Mary Vanderschoot, who has made it her life’s work to create more empowering and inclusive STEM classrooms and workplaces.


Wheaton College IL Class of 2020 Feature - Mastadon

Top 10 Winter 2022 Stories


A Story of Wheaton College in 50 Objects

What objects remind you most of your Wheaton days? Wheaton magazine compiled 50 objects from the Colleges archives that tell the story of Wheaton.


Christ, Camaraderie, and Competition

Right when I decided I was going to transfer, I knew I was going to Wheaton. In this sports profile, read more about the journey of Luke Anthony ’21 to becoming a two-sport star athlete at Wheaton.


We’re Still Here: Witness and Evangelism in Post-Christendom

What does fellowship, whether over Christmas dinner or at the in-law’s house, mean for evangelism? This feature covers how the Good News is spread through ordinary means.


Divine Interruptions

Jim Poole 82 reflects on how life interruptions can ultimately be a gift from God in this alumni profile.


Shawn Polizotto Mrakovich ’77, Marion E. Wade Center Special Projects Assistant

Get to know one of the friendly faces at the Marion E. Wade Center. Spoiler alert: she rides a unicycle!


Wheaton in the Holy Lands Celebrates 50 Years

In this Wheaton magazine feature, generations of Wheaties recall decades of crosscultural travel through biblical narratives.


Graduate Student Profile: Emily Ding ’21, M.A. ’22

Wheaton students like Emily Ding ’21, M.A. ’22 are committed to applying their knowledge outside the classroom. Learn about how Emily's anthropology and TESOL studies have impacted her in this article.


A Commitment to Authenticity: Bringing Coffee, Charcuterie, and Clean Air to Chicago

It checked off all the boxes of what I thought success meant post-college, but I couldnt shake the fact that I wasn't happy. This unhappy job situation was how Melissa Villanueva 12 became an entreprenuer. Learn more about her journey in this alumni profile.


Undergraduate Student Profile: Charles Hermesmann ’22

At the intersection of his passion for writing and his involvement with the Human Needs and Global Resources program, Charles Hermesmann ’22 found his vocation.


Dr. Alan Savidge, Professor of French

By learning to listen to those who are different from us, and to their stories, we become more compassionate and more Christ-like. Dr. Alan Savage teaches and puts this belief into action in his French classes.


Wheaton College IL Williston Hall

Top 10 Web-Exclusive Stories


Faithfulness and Godly Ambition: Wheaton College Remembers David M. Howard

David M. Howard Sr. ’49, M.A. ’52, a missionary leader whose gospel work touched people around the world, went to be with the Lord on May 9, 2022. He was 94.


Pain Redeemed

Read the full transcript of remarks by Philip Yancey M.A. ’72 upon receiving the Wheaton College Alumnus of the Year for Distinguished Service to Society award.


Agent to Author

After eight years in the C.I.A., David McCloskey ’08 stepped away to pursue a different career path, leaving him with plenty of memories to process. So, he started writing. What began as a way of thinking through his experiences as an analyst on the Syria team turned into 100,000 words. Five years later, he picked the manuscript back up and decided to officially turn it into a book.


Taking the Road Less Traveled

Of the four percent of American psychologists who have completed their board certification, Laura Shultz, Psy.D. ’12 ABPP is one of them. Getting there has taken her down a meandering path, one marked by learning how to incorporate her faith into her work. 


How Passage Paved the Way for Crosscultural Hospitality

Between stargazing in canoes at 4:00 a.m., hiking with professors, and scaling cliff sides, the program created ample opportunities for Ari Escareño ’25 to practice her newfound freedom and forge valuable connections with professors and eight other freshmen in her group, who represented a diverse set of cultural backgrounds and church experiences.


An Interdisciplinary Approach to Career and Faith

Scott de Haas ’23 wasn’t sure that he wanted to attend a Christian school, though he grew up going to church and studying the Scriptures. But when he visited campus at the beginning of 2019, he was immediately impressed with the school and its community.


Thirty Years Later and They’re Still Here?

Members of the class of 1991 traveled to Wheaton for their 30th homecoming this October, but for some, the commute wasn’t far at all. Six 1991 graduates had already returned to their alma mater, this time as faculty and staff members.


Students at Christian Schools Need Church, Too

Since becoming a Christian in high school through Young Life, Alfredo (Freddy) Sanchez Jr. ’18 has cultivated a pastoral heart for supporting college students through the local church.


The Missionary Display: Celebrating Wheaton’s Commitment to Missions

On a prospective student’s tour of Wheaton, somewhere between checking out the workout amenities and the library, they take a stop on the second floor of Blanchard Hall. Just outside the President’s Office is a long, tan-colored wall display with 5,076 names lined up in columns, sorted by year. This is the “Alumni in Missions” display.


An Aspiring Aerospace Engineer Walks into A Missions Conference

The vocational trajectory of Luke Tseng M.A. ’12, Psy.D. ’20 changed forever when he attended Urbana 06 and boldly committed his career to providing mental healthcare to those contexts.