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A Wheaton College Heritage: Sons and Daughters of Alumni

Photos of second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-, sixth-, and seventh- generation Wheaties

2nd Generation - Group A

Winter 2022 Magazine

Row 1 (L-R): Aiden P. West (Hope Jacobsen West ’94, mother); Thomas A. Ban (Adi M.A. ’94 and Ema Gheorghita Ban ’95, parents); Hannah G. Poole (Jennifer Schmidt Poole ’96, mother); Emma L. Jackson (Wes Jackson ’94, father); Kaleb A. Martiny (Andre Martiny ’02, father); Christina N. Carper (Nick Carper ’85, father); Evangeline C. Hoskins (Steve ’99 and Sarah Goodwin Hoskins ’99, parents); Krista J. Suzuki (Paul Suzuki ’88, father; Christine Murakami Ng ’87, grandmother). Row 2 (L-R): Josie K. Sisson (Rhonda Swanson Sisson ’96, mother); Lydia G. Hill (Troy ’89 and April Anibal Hill ’90, parents); Lorien G. Walker (Jason ’96 and Beth Hamilton Walker ’97, parents); Grace E. Johnson (Kevin Johnson ’84, father); Grace D. Johnson (Keith Johnson ’79, father); Rebekah F. Belonga (Mark Belonga ’96, father). Row 3 (L-R): Bonnie A. Rilea (Rod M.A. ’90 and Kimberly Boyd-Rilea ’90, parents); Ethan I. Walter (Doug ’98, M.A. ’02 and Carolyn Christensen Walter ’99, parents); Charlotte H. Fawcett (John ’84, M.A. ’02 and Margie Clark Fawcett ’91, M.A. ’96, parents); Ellie K. Swigle (Bret Swigle ’93, father); Margarette J. Clegg (Chris ’93, M.A. ’96 and Rachel Rodgers Clegg ’93, parents); Axel K. Erickson (David Erickson Jr. ’86, father); Seth John L. Beaird (Jeff ’92 and Margaret Ryken Beaird ’93, parents; Leland HON and Mary Graham Ryken M.A. ’88, grandparents). Row 4 (L-R): Cole J. Flowers (Jamie Flowers M.A. ’97, father); Christopher M. Whelan (Chris ’97 and Sarah Rosborough Whelan ’98, parents); Brennan Walter (Nate ’97 and Faith Hsun Wen Walter ’97, parents); Hanna V. Cagwin (Jeff ’97 and Ingrid Hyle Cagwin ’98, parents); Noah M. Chapman (Brian Chapman M.A. ’05, father); Ty R. Vanker (Donny Vanker ’01, father); Henry M. Gruett (Matt ’97 and Ingrid Korsberg Gruett ’95, parents); Jacob J. Wiggins (Kirt ’89, M.A. ’91 and Jennifer Stephens Wiggins ’90, parents).

2nd Generation - Group B

Winter 2022 Magazine

Row 1 (L-R): Emma N. Wasson (Amy Franklin Wasson ’95, mother); Joy M. Brown (Jeff ’96 and Becky Hoyt Brown ’95, parents); Kylie J. Orphan (Kari Swanson Orphan ’92, mother); Claire J. McAlister (Jeff McAlister M.A. ’93, father); Addy G. Hyatt (Steven ’97 and Elissa Bannow Hyatt ’97, parents); Trista M. Felker (Karen Chamberlain Felker ’93, mother); Jada A. Kamau (Kwesi Kamau ’94, father). Row 2 (L-R): Kathryn G. Yonan (Chris Yonan ’94, father); Nicole G. Allen (Matt ’98 and Sonya Steele Allen ’98, parents; Beth Rea Tebbe M.A. ’97, grandmother); Emma F. Howes (Rusty ’91, M.A. ’93 and Meredith Wilson Howes ’92, parents); Elise H. Peterson (Jon Peterson ’94, father); Libby M. Personius (Jill Miller Personius ’87, mother); Ruth E. Harrison (Shawn Harrison ’91, father); Elena K. Ritter (Kris ’99, M.A. ’02 and Amy Vinson Ritter ’99, parents); Lora R. Rendall (Peter ’95 and Lora Warton Rendall ’95, parents). Row 3 (L-R): Jack D. Murphy (Todd Murphy ’87, father); Charity C. Lurvey (Kimberly Baer Lurvey ’85, mother); Micah G. T. Daling (Mike Daling M.A ’04, M.A. ’06, father); Liza R. Wilson (Todd ’98 and Katie Isch Wilson ’98, parents); Abigail A. Beck (Jon ’89 and Mary Kay Lapeyre Beck ’88, parents). Row 4 (L-R): Jacob A. Knot (Brian Knot ’94, father); Ethan R. Roth (Ken ’96 and Emily Beplat Roth ’96, parents); Aidan J. Kingsbury (Bob ’89 and Michelle Menard Kingsbury ’89, parents); Stephen J. Garrison (George Garrison ’84, father); Sam R. Banta (Robert Banta ’94, father); Teddy J. Webster (Ken ’97, M.A. ’98 and Jen Ridl Webster ’97, parents); Isaiah W. Carlson (Esther Patterson Carlson ’92, mother); Jacob V. Estep (Ruth Carman Estep ’82, mother).

3rd Generation

Winter 2022 Magazine

Row 1 (L–R): Elisabeth C. Jacobs (Liz Franks Leutwiler ’61, grandmother); Eliana G. Ziman (Bruce Barton ’65, grandfather); Kailie M. Rockness (Dave Rockness ’92, father; David ’65 and Miriam Huffman Rockness ’65, grandparents); Gracey K. Rockness (Jonathan ’99 and Joanna Stutz Rockness ’99, parents; David ’65 and Miriam Huffman Rockness ’65, grandparents; Phil ’67 and Val Zandi Stutz ’73, grandparents); Alexia T. Salzman (Greg ’95, M.A. ’99 and Marcia Tobey Salzman ’94, parents; Ron ’67 and Nancy Turner Salzman ’68, grandparents; John Tobey ’65, grandfather); Bethany R. McClatchey (Scott ’81 and Anita Gathman McClatchey ’82, parents; Stuart ’58 and Ann White Gathman ’57, grandparents); Mia E. Olsen (Eirik ’87 and Jeanne Woodburn Olsen ’87, parents; John Woodburn ’56, grandfather); Esther N. Lam (Anita Stafford Lam ’91, mother; Tim ’60 and Marilyn Cornelius Stafford ’63, grandparents); Ava G. Dreon (Nathan Dreon ’95 and Jill Solem Andrews ’96, parents). Row 2 (L-R): Bryan A. Sandahl (Nathan Sandahl ’97, father; Phill ’69 and Mary Jane Michener Sandahl ’70, M.A. ’79, grandparents); Hope M. Smoak (Thomas ’86, M.A. ’03 and Susanna Spradley Smoak ’88, parents; Marilyn Carnett Spradley ’65, grandmother); Anna R. Black (Jim ’94, M.A. ’99 and Laurie Brock Black ’98, M.A. ’99, parents; Carolyn McFarland Brock ’66, grandmother); Abigail J. Wells (Brian ’91 and Debby Sevall Wells ’91, parents; Bill Wells ’64, grandfather); Annabelle K. Schroeder (Dan ’95 and Angie Goodfellow Schroeder ’95, parents; Ray ’65 and Carolyn Johnson Schroeder ’65, grandparents); Bradley R. Lauber (David ’89 and Dawn Holt Lauber ’90, parents; Dick ’59 and Marilyn Duff Lauber ’59, grandparents; Don ’57 and Lolita Larson Holt ’60, grandparents); Benjamin D. Zimmerman (Doug ’95, M.A. ’01 and Sara Starks Zimmerman ’96, M.A. ’18, parents; Dave ’57 and Kay Sprunger Starks ’58, grandparents); James R. M. Scott (Jon ’88 and Pam Yoder Scott ’88, parents; Jack Scott ’61, grandfather); Jack W. Booker (Suzie Storer Booker ’89, mother). Row 3 (L-R): Noah G. Cassetto (Gregory Cheatham M.A. ’76, grandfather); Tim D. Steiner (Lois Bartel Pringle ’57, R.N. ’55, grandmother); Andrew A. Lamb (Del Lamb ’83, father; Evelyn Miller Lamb ’54, grandmother); Samuel J. Dunbar (Tim ’92 and Jennifer Horney Dunbar ’92, parents; Patricia McElroy Dunbar ’60, grandmother); Ethan A. Keyes (Eric ’93 and Kristi Granitsas Keyes ’95, parents; Gary ’63 and Jan Nyberg Keyes ’65, grandparents); Steven C. Preston (Molly McCartney Preston ’83, mother; Gib ’61 and Susan Carter McCartney ’60, grandparents); Andrew T. Burkhart (Nate ’96 and Becky Patnode Burkhart ’98, parents; Dick ’65 and Jeanne Churchill Burkhart ’65, grandparents); David G. Sutton (Todd ’87, M.A. ’90 and Elizabeth Sletten Sutton ’87, parents; Harold ’51 and Miriam Jordan Sutton ’51, grandparents); Wesley E. McAuley (Thad ’95 and Joy Godby McAuley ’95, parents; Dave ’68 and Jody Evans Godby ’68, grandparents).

4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Generations

Winter 2022 Magazine

Row 1 (L–R): Lillian E. Koppin (Gordon ’99 and Shoshana Corwin Koppin ’00, parents; Gordon ’73 and Martha Baumann Koppin ’73, grandparents; Gilbert ’43 and Lillian Ironside Koppin ’43, great-grandparents; Henry Ironside HON, great-great grandfather); Gloria Grace Poland (Christian ’88 and Jennifer Gioffre Poland M.A. ’92, parents; Larry ’61 and Donna Petersen Poland ’62, grandparents; Donald ’35 and Inez Hulting Petersen ’37, great-grandparents); Arabela M. Escareño (Christine Yoder Escareño ’94, mother); Grace E. Snavely (Mark ’95 and Kelly Pierucki Snavely ’95, parents; John Pierucki ’69, grandfather; Susan Baker Wolfe ’70, grandmother; David Baker ’42, great-grandfather); Bianca E. Flores Stam (Clara Stam Flores ’09, mother; Paul Stam ’44 and Jane Levring Stam Miner ’46, great-grandparents); Alison E. Taylor (Jeremy ’98 and Nancy Ryken Taylor ’98, parents; Leland HON and Mary Graham Ryken M.A. ’88, grandparents; Kenneth ’38 and Margaret West Taylor ’39, great-grandparents); Emily A. Dixon (Matthew ’95 and Anne Cragg Dixon ’95, parents). Row 2 (L-R): Nancy R. Taylor (Heather Siml Taylor ’92, mother; Kenneth ’38 and Margaret West Taylor ’39, great-grandparents); Kaile A. Pollard (Brian Pollard ’89, father; Bill ’60 and Judy Wyngarden Pollard ’60, grandparents; Clarence ’32 and Elizabeth O’Hair Wyngarden ’34, great-grandparents); Natalie B. Conrad (Nate ’97 and Kara Veerman Conrad ’97, parents; David Veerman ’65, grandfather; Marvin Veerman ’40, great-grandfather); Marguerite L. Veerman (Erik Veerman ’95, father; Paul ’69, M.A. ’77 and Darian Faull Veerman ’71, grandparents; Marvin Veerman ’40, great-grandfather); Kirsi E. Harding (Drew ’00 and Janna Barram Harding ’00, parents; Peter ’72 and Gail Soderstrom Barram ’72, grandparents); Abigail B. Snyder (Bradley Snyder ’91, father; Chuck Snyder ’67, grandfather; Janet Sanders Miner ’69, grandmother; Brooks Sanders ’47, great-grandfather); Allie E. Sawyer (Jon Sawyer ’91, father; Joe ’60 and Ann McClenny Sawyer ’62, grandparents; John ’21 and Kathleen Sears Sawyer ’21, ’25, great-grandparents; Dex McClenny ’31, great-grandfather). Row 3 (L-R): Samuel J. Obitts (Krista Winter Obitts ’95, mother; Stanley Obitts ’55, ’58, grandfather); Ethan T. Yoder (John ’92 and Suzy Enstrom Yoder ’93, parents; Ed Enstrom ’62, grandfather); Niklas P. Anderson (Kristopher ’89 and Heather Morrison Anderson ’89, M.A. ’92, parents; Edwin Anderson ’62, grandfather; Bill ’63 and Bev Hogberg Morrison ’63, grandparents; Florence Glover Morrison ’30, great-grandmother); Nick J. Shafer (Jeff ’96 and Shelly Storer Shafer ’96, parents); Jayden J. Rascher (Kory ’94 and Kirstin Masteller Rascher ’96, parents; Jim ’65 and Sally Patterson Masteller ’68, grandparents; Ken Masteller ’34, great-grandfather; John ’42 and Jo Darzes Patterson ’42, great-grandparents); Sam D. Elsen (Paul ’97 and Christine Barnes Elsen ’97, parents; Paul ’71 and Mary Beth Willson Elsen ’71, grandparents; David ’69 and Marcia Boehme Barnes ’69, grandparents; John ’42 and Virginia Culver Elsen ’42, great-grandparents; Pete ’50 and June Coray Willson ’50, great-grandparents; Marion Barnes HON, great-grandfather; Matthias ’11, M.A. ’12 and Olive Straw Elsen ’13, great-great grandparents; Carrie Finch Straw 1881, great-great-great grandmother).