Alumni News

Wheaton College Alumni Association 2019-20 Annual Report

Each year the Alumni Association's Board of Directors awards financial and nonfinancial grants and awards to faculty, students, and alumni. Funds for these grants flow from the annual Wheaton Fund, which also supports every faculty member's salary and every student's academic program.

Faculty Awards

Alumni Faculty Grants Awarded for 2020-21

Dr. James Beitler ’02, M.A. ’04

Dr. M. Daniel Carroll R.
Biblical & Theological Studies

Ms. Sara Vroom Fick M.A. ’13

Ms. Julie Newberry
Biblical & Theological Studies

Dr. Carlos Sosa Siliezar
Biblical & Theological Studies

Ms. Rose Wang M.A. ’01
Foreign Language

Science Division Block Grant for
Faculty/Student Summer Research

Junior Alumni Faculty Grants Awarded for 2019-20

Dr. Aubrey Buster ’09, M.A. ’11
Biblical & Theological Studies

Dr. Nathan Cartagena

Dr. Michael Lee
Evangelism & Leadership

Dr. Timothy Taylor
Politics & International Relations

Faculty Missions Project 2019-20

Dr. Thomas Hueber ’82

Dr. Alan Seaman
Applied Linguistics &
International Education

Alumni Awards

Distinguished Service Awards 2019-20

Rodney K. Sisco ’84 (1962-2018)
For Distinguished Service
to Alma Mater

Philip Yancey M.A. ’72
For Distinguished Service to Society

Student Awards

Juniors Awarded Scholarships for Their Senior Year

Kaitlin Armstrong ’21
Interdisciplinary Studies

Anna Cole ’21
Music and International Relations

Emily Ding ’21

Anna Mason ’21
International Relations

Stephen McKay ’21
Physics and Mathematics

Lyndi Tsering ’21
International Relations and Chinese