Sports Profile

Diligence in Her Craft

Marin Halvorsen ’21 and her teammates share life together on and off the course.

Words: Abby Dorman ’17
Photos: Josh and Alexa Adams

In her four-year career at Wheaton, Marin Halvorsen ’21 has emerged as one of the top golfers in the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW) history. Starting with a dominant individual conference championship win in 2018 and another win in 2019, she has built her legacy in the CCIW record books as only the third women’s golfer in conference history to record multiple individual championships. With the outcome of her final season still undetermined, she focuses on making progress one day at a time.

“I try not to think about that [the pressure of repeating as a conference champion],” Marin said. “Instead, I try to think about each hole and each decision, one step at a time.”

Marin’s diligence in her craft drives her to work tirelessly toward improvement throughout the year. Her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed by Head Coach Paul Craig, who said, “Marin has self-confidence, is poised under stress, and wants to compete. You don’t win two CCIW titles without those attributes.”

Marin points to the influence of her coaches and teammates as keys to her success. From conversations about life and faith on the golf course to competing in drills, the golfers’ camaraderie helps them maintain perspective while doing what they love. Ultimately, Marin says, they make it their goal to apply the question, “How can we be walking through life together, not just playing golf?”

A business/economics major with an art history minor, Marin looks for meaningful connections in all areas of life. Her study abroad experience in Rome as a sophomore helped her to appreciate ancient art and consider how her career could combine creativity and analytical thinking.

When it comes to her future, she’ll continue to take it one step—and swing—at a time. In the midst of an unusual year, Marin reflected, “I’ve realized how little my plan has to do with anything, and how much bigger God’s plan is.”