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Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Robert L. Brabenec ’60, Professor of Mathematics

On Faculty Since 1964

Early in his career, Dr. Brabenec spent two years on active duty as an Army captain in missile intelligence. He returned to Wheaton in 1967 to teach and chair the newly formed Department of Mathematics. As a student, he studied with Dr. Art Holmes ’50, M.A. ’52. Later, when Dr. Holmes’ book on the integration of faith and learning became the center of Wheaton’s academic and spiritual goals, the move motivated Dr. Brabenec “to develop an integrative capstone course for senior math majors that I have taught with delight for almost 50 years.”

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Daniel A. Sommerville, Professor of Music

On Faculty Since 1994

Dr. Sommerville has conducted and directed the Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra since 1989.


Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Cheri Lee Pierson, Associate Professor of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

On Faculty Since 1996

Dr. Pierson has taught and mentored students who have gone on to serve globally as well as in local Chicagoland communities.

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Karin R. Edwards, Professor of Music

On Faculty Since 1987

Dr. Edwards has most enjoyed working with her students “as people and as musicians,” which she says “has been inspiring, challenging, and rewarding and has led to my own spiritual and professional growth.” She has performed as a solo pianist and guest artist with orchestras in both Canada and the United States, including the Milwaukee Symphony and the New Philharmonic. Among many other accomplishments, she recorded a solo album for piano featuring the works of Chopin, Liszt, and Eckhardt-Gramatté.

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Paul C. Egeland, Associate Professor of Education

On Faculty Since 1995

Dr. Egeland has significant experience leading and teaching outdoor leadership and education. He also served as the Education Department Chair.

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Andrew E. Hill, Professor of Old Testament

On Faculty Since 1984

Dr. Hill served as the Bible and Theology Studies Department Chair from 1998 to 2001. He is the author of Enter His Courts with Praise! (1996). Through his time at Wheaton, he says he has “developed an appreciation for the masterful work of the Holy Spirit in the teachinglearning process in the Christian liberal arts context as that faithful Helper in transforming us into disciples of Jesus the Messiah.”

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Annette H. Tomal, Professor of Business

On Faculty Since 1995

Dr. Tomal’s expertise and research focuses on the roles of gender, religion, and education in society and the economy. From visiting Human Needs and Global Resources interns to leading study abroad trips all across the world, Dr. Tomal is grateful for Wheaton’s “unexpected blessings.”

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Gerald R. Root, Professor of Evangelism and Leadership

On Faculty Since 1996

Dr. Root has cherished being able to see students “fall in love with Jesus.” He has written or co-authored nine books, including in-depth studies of the theology and philosophy of C. S. Lewis.

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Jillian N. Lederhouse ’75, Professor of Education

On Faculty Since 1990

Dr. Lederhouse came to Wheaton after teaching in the Chicago Public Schools. One of her “great delights” has been “coordinating a 23-year partnership with a wonderful multicultural K-8 Chicago public elementary school,” she said. She is the author of Life Lessons Through a Teacher’s Eyes (2009) and Teach Like a Disciple (2016).

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Peter Walters, Professor of Applied Health Science

On Faculty Since 1996

Dr. Walters wrote Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, the textbook used in most of Wheaton’s general education wellness classes.

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Richard E. Butman ’73, Professor of Psychology

On Faculty Since 1980

During his four decades of service to Wheaton, Dr. Butman remembers “countless rich conversations with students and colleagues,” which gave him opportunities to help others “dream bold dreams for their futures.” He adds, “I simply love the daily challenge of communicating truth in word and deed.” A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Butman’s areas of expertise are bereavement and psychopathology. He has also co-authored two books—Modern Psychotherapies: A Christian Appraisal (2011) and Modern Psychopathologies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal (2016).

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Rodney J. Scott, Associate Professor of Genetics

On Faculty Since 1989

In addition to his research on conservation genetics of animal species, Dr. Scott was actively involved in leading conference workshops and developing tools to aid laboratories in DNA studies and genetics training. He is “genuinely in awe of how much this place has shaped me” when he considers the “amazing chapel messages and seminar presentations” and “conversations with brilliant and devoted colleagues and students.”

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Carolyn A. Hart, Professor of Music

On Faculty Since 1999

Dr. Hart (soprano) has performed throughout the United States, Canada, and the U.K., as well as Hong Kong, Korea, and Paris.

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. W. Jay Wood, Professor of Philosophy

On Faculty Since 1982

Dr. Wood’s areas of expertise include epistemology and the philosophy of religion. His books include Epistemology: Becoming Intellectually Virtuous (1998) and the ambitious-sounding God (2011). “I am blessed to have been able to fulfill one of my life’s chief interests,” Dr. Wood says of his teaching career at Wheaton, reflecting on the “opportunity to share my love of philosophy with great colleagues and students, some of whom I count as deep friends.”

Spring 2021 200x200Dr. Terry L. Huttenlock, Associate Professor of Library Science

On Faculty Since 1999

Alongside her professorship, Dr. Huttenlock has been the subject librarian for applied health science, biology, education, intercultural studies/ TESOL, and psychology.

Faculty Promotions


Dr. Aimee Callender, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Tammy Schultz, Professor of Counseling

Dr. Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Professor of Church, Mission, and Evangelism

Dr. Mark Yarhouse, Dr. Arthur P. Rech and Mrs. Jean May Rech Professor of Psychology

Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and Tenure

Dr. Thomas Boehm, Ann Haskins Assistant Professor of Special Education

Dr. Enoch Hill, Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr. Jacob Johnson, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Dr. Michael McKoy, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations

Dr. Hana Yoo, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Promotion from Associate Professor to Professor

Dr. Jamie D. Aten, Blanchard Associate Professor of Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership

Dr. Vincent Bacote, Associate Professor of Theology

Dr. Brian Miller, Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. Sandra Yu Rueger, Associate Professor of Psychology

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