Prayer in a Season of Jacarandas

Words: By Dr. Karen An-Hwei Lee, Provost and Professor of English
Photos: Brittney Dunn ’09

Let us say a benediction for the jacarandas aflame in the city

where we once lived, the disheveled blossoms igniting our souls

with soft lavender. Bless the jacarandas, shedding as the wind

blows our woes seaward to Catalina, skimming the fog

wafting back to the roads where street-sweepers brush up pods

in a late season. Our quarantine will explode into bloom,

bear fruit again in due time, adorned with the blue plumes

of invisible promises yielding solace in despair, skyward

like a psalmist: For I have said, mercy shall be built up forever;

you will establish your faithfulness in the heavens. Amen.

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