Andrew Kirk ’24


Words: Jenna Watson ’21
Photos: Tony Hughes

Portrait of Wheaton College business/economics major Andrew Kirk

Aequitas Fellow. 2022 Sophomore class co-president. Gospel Choir singer. Center for Vocation and Career ambassador. Intramural athlete. ROTC student. Student Managed Investment Fund Club member. Wheaton Passage coach. Wheaton in Chicago student. Business/Economics major. These are just some of the titles Andrew Kirk ’24 has held during his years as a Wheaton student.

“My adviser sometimes calls me the poster child for a liberal arts education,” said Kirk. “I love this idea of creating a person through an intersection of many different studies, rather than just being the best English or business student possible.”

As an achiever and a people person, Kirk thinks he would have sought out a variety of experiences at any college. In fact, he was more interested in large state schools than a place like Wheaton when he first started applying to colleges. But Wheaton had something unique that drew him in: the Aequitas Fellows Program, an academic fellowship centered on themes like urban leadership. Kirk was drawn to the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of the program. As it turned out, that chance to draw on a variety of perspectives has been a highlight of his Wheaton experience.

“One of my favorite things about Wheaton has been how it has helped me find who I am,” he said.

Through classes that ask questions like, What does it mean to live a good life? and What is a city? Through an internship in Thailand and a semester in downtown Chicago. Through programs and jobs and sports and extracurriculars, Kirk has tried enough of everything to narrow his understanding of what might be most relevant for him. “It all comes together to help me answer ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What do I really want to do?’”

Wheaton has given Kirk unique opportunities to pursue things he might not have known to consider at a larger school.

“Because it’s smaller, you know what’s going on,” he said. “You can find out about everything. Like Koinonia. At a bigger school, I probably wouldn’t have any idea they even had a club like that, and if they did, it’s probably way too big for me to get involved.”

As he thinks about his future, Kirk is asking what each of these experiences has taught him about himself, his gifts, and his calling in the kingdom. Although he doesn’t know what’s next for him, he’s not nervous about the future either, because he’s tried enough to know that he can thrive in many settings.

“I’ve really bought into this whole holistic education idea,” he said. “And I think Wheaton does that in more than just its education. This is definitely the school for trying things out and figuring out what you want to do.”