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A Wheaton College Heritage: Sons and Daughters of Alumni

Photos: Josh and Alexa Adams

Wheaton College 2nd Generation Legacy Undergraduates

2nd Generation Wheaties

Row 1 (L–R): Kaleigh M. Flowers (Jamie Lloyd Flowers M.A. ’97, father); Elizabeth G. Adams (Jon ’02 and Sara Simpson Adams ’02, parents); Ren Lingerman (Kristin Guiduli Lingerman ’91, mother); Kathryn R. Lewis (Donna Warner Lewis ’91, mother); Abby M. Sanderson (Jeremy ’01 and Sarah Williams Sanderson ’00, parents); Jennalie K. Hemphill (Aaron ’99 and Christy Larson Hemphill ’99, parents); Micah Y. Young (Justin ’99 and Grace Ho Young ’98, parents); Emily J. Koenigsberg (Joel ’98 and Deborah Anders Koenigsberg ’97, parents; Bruce Koenigsberg hon, grandparent); Katie J. O’Connor (Todd O’Connor ’92, father); Ada Y. Roth (Ken ’96 and Emily Beplat Roth ’96, parents); Anna Z. Hammer (Dave ’97 and Amy Vance Hammer M.A. ’00, parents); Bekah L. Naus (Eric Naus ’02, father); Isabelle G. Caldwell (Bob ’94 and Sarah Landau Caldwell ’95, parents); Anna E. Aukerman (Sheila Beth Aukerman ’88, mother); Tabb S. Wilhite (Gordy Wilhite ’94, father); Catherine M. Wilhite (Gordy Wilhite ’94, father).

Row 2 (L–R): Abby M. Smith (Andrew ’91 and Renae Schauer Smith ’91, parents); Emma K. Smith (Andrew ’91 and Renae Schauer Smith ’91, parents); Jocelyn C. Erbele (Phillip Erbele ’93, father); Joshua J. Levering (Brandon Levering M.A. ’07, father); Luke R. Bruno (Chris Bruno Ph.D. ’10, father); Caleb J. Alexander (Joel ’91 and Inger Abrahamsen Alexander ’91, parents); Naomi A. Eckdahl (Mike ’98 and Melissa Thompson Eckdahl ’98, parents); Abigail J. Ellenburg (Chad ’94 and Lisa Sandie Ellenburg ’95, parents); Adelle M. Hullinger (Amanda Wasson Hullinger ’96, mother); Lily E. Lindquist (Tim Lindquist ’89, father); Sadie G. Chelsen (Paul ’91 and Laura Farnsworth Chelsen ’91, M.A. ’96, parents); Ben L. Foulk (Dave ’00 and Mary Dominguez Foulk ’99, parents); David J. Huber (Karl Huber ’84, father); Asher S. Jones (Michael ’93 and Beth Isch Jones ’93, parents); Chase W. Waltrip (Steve Waltrip ’90, father); Ally G. Collett (Paige Endres Collett ’97, mother); Ryan S. Walter (Nate ’97 and Faith Wen Walter ’97, parents).

Row 3 (L–R): Jake D. Vallieres (J. P. Vallieres ’03, father); Rachel J. Schmidt (Kevin Schmidt ’96, father); Megan R. Heydt (Laurie Friesen Heydt ’86, mother); Benj D. Maher (Cherie Halter Maher ’92, mother); Caitlyn R. Codding (Eric Codding ’90, father); Maia R. Peterson (Jon Peterson ’94, father); Abby C. Rickard (Brian Rickard ’98, father); Nathanael K. Santi (Jinsun Park Santi ’85, mother); Simeon J. O’Donnell (Douglas ’96, M.A. ’98 and Emily Seward O’Donnell ’98, parents); Owen Hoffner (David ’01 and Sarah Owen Hoffner ’02, parents); Noah J. Hittie (Pam Hittie M.A. ’22, mother); Graham I. Flynn (Nathanael Flynn ’97, father); Ben R. Sisson (Rhonda Swanson Sisson ’96, mother); Jonny J. Stoner (Tom Stoner ’89, father); Ty B. Gascho (Andrew ’93 and Vicki Christensen Gascho ’93, parents).

Row 4 (L–R): Sam R. McFadden; Anna M. Schudel (Rachel Krumsieg Schudel ’97, mother); Houston J. Heinrich (Angie Packard Heinrich ’98, mother); Caleb C. Apinis (Bryan ’00 and Kathryn Bull Apinis ’00, parents); Micah S. Smith (Ronn ’95 and Michele DeVries Smith ’94, parents); Luke B. Roen (Erik ’96 and Suzanne Saadeh Roen ’96, parents); Rebecca A. Thompson (Nathan Thompson ’95, father); Joshua K. Brown (Dan ’89 and Krista Hull Brown ’91, M.A. ’92, parents); Caleb K. Walter (Doug ’98, M.A. ’01 and Carolyn Christensen Walter ’99, parents); Andrew S. Ruch (Molly Holst Ruch ’93, mother); Max S. Kingsbury (Bob ’89 and Michelle Menard Kingsbury ’89, parents); Jonathan J. Valliere (Dylan ’01 and Kari Holladay Valliere ’01, parents); Joseph E. Kruse (Sandy Johnston Kruse ’91, mother); Ty P. Ferguson (Paul M.A. ’05 and Michelle Bollier Ferguson ’02, parents); Jake M. Vogel (Mike ’99 and Elizabeth Moulton Vogel ’00, parents); Joshua H. Whelan (Chris ’97 and Sarah Rosborough Whelan ’98, parents); Rory L. Rilea (Rod Rilea M.A. ’90 and Kimberly Boyd-Rilea ’90, parents).

Wheaton College 3rd Generation Legacy Undergraduates

3rd Generation Wheaties

Row 1 (L–R): Lela R. Plankeel (Jeff Plankeel ’98, father; John ’65 and Dona Fales Plankeel ’66, grandparents); Kara E. Puckett (Sam Puckett ’95 and Pia Fahs ’95, parents; Sammy ’69 and Karen Ison Puckett-Steenson ’68, grandparents); Lillian D. Evans (James ’76, M.A.’77 and Denise Loizeaux Walton ’75, grandparents); Ciarra K. Rockness (Dave Rockness ’92, father; David ’65 and Miriam Huffman Rockness ’65, grandparents); Frances P. Kendziera (Saskia Doctor Kendziera ’97, mother; Richard ’69 and Paulina Vander Sluis Doctor ’70, grandparents); Phoebe R. Tanacea (Heidi Dunkerton Tso ’93, mother; James Dunkerton ’58, grandfather); Kayla R. Sennese (Jason ’98 and Julianne Perciante Sennese ’97, parents; Terry ’67 and Ginny Thompson Perciante ’66, grandparents); Karoline J. Ryken (Philip ’88 and Lisa Maxwell Ryken ’88, parents; Leland hon and Mary Graham Ryken M.A. ’88, grandparents; James ’52 and Elaine Arison Maxwell ’51, grandparents); Julia W. Garrett (Coray ’97 and Katie Tindall Garrett ’97, parents; Jane Van Ande Garrett M.A. ’94, grandmother).

Row 2 (L–R): Samuel D. Raedeke (Joel ’92 and Susan Brewer Raedeke ’92, parents; Ron ’61 and Lois Postmus Raedeke R.N. ’66, grandparents); Dacia N. Smith (Peter ’95 and Wendy Tuggy Smith ’96, parents; Marilyn Brady Smith ’56, grandmother); Philip I. Itano (Carolyn Lou Sprunger Munro R.N. ’57, B.S. 59, grandmother); Paris J. Griffin (Don ’70 and June Ferkingstad Griffin ’70, grandparents); Anna P. Puckett (Joshua ’00, M.A. ’02 and Susan Gahres Puckett ’00, parents; Sammy ’69 and Karen Ison Puckett-Steenson ’68, grandparents); Anna Y. Schlamann (John Schlamann ’92, father; Nona Lawson Schlamann ’51, grandmother); Kristen A. Black (Jim ’94 and Laurie Brock Black ’98, M.A. ’98, parents; Carolyn McFarland Brock ’66, grandmother); Karis A. Plankeel (Jeff Plankeel ’98, father; John ’65 and Dona Fales Plankeel ’66, grandparents).

Row 3 (L–R): Jacob R. Crockett (Mark Crockett ’89, father; Ruth Riley Crockett ’53, grandmother); Jackson T. Durbin (Eric ’02 and Annika Whitaker Durbin ’02, parents; Howard Whitaker ’63, grandfather); Benjamin M. Coley (Dave ’86 and Kathleen Kaiser Coley ’86, parents; Elna Fisher Coley ’57, grandmother; Walt Kaiser ’55, ’58, grandfather); Alden C. Wakefield (Scott ’95 and Dagny Huehnergarth Wakefield ’98, parents; Steve White ’78, grandfather); Gracie C. Crowder (Hall ’93 and Courtney Holt Crowder ’94, parents; Hall Crowder ’68, grandfather; Don ’57 and Lolita Larson Holt ’60, grandparents); Catherine K. Hartrim-Lowe (Wayne ’68 and Nancy Crawford Lowe ’69, R.N. ’67, grandparents); AnnaBelle G. Beaird (Jeff ’92 and Margaret Ryken Beaird ’93, parents; Leland hon and Mary Graham Ryken M.A. ’88, grandparents); Eli A. Hamer (Sam Hamer ’96, father; Paul Hamer ’72, grandfather); Zack P. Romberger (Ronald Romberger ’91, M.A. ’92, father; Gorden L. Romberger ‘60, grandfather).

Wheaton College 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Generation Legacy Undergraduates

4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Generation Wheaties

Row 1 (L–R): Gloria G. Woodruff (Joel ’85 and Jacqueline Thesz Woodruff ’86, parents; Stephen Woodruff ’57, grandfather; Albert Woodruff ’29, great-grandfather); Lucy D. Anderson (Joshua ’03 and Kimberly Sandberg Anderson ’05, parents; Roger ’75, M.A. ’76 and Rebecca Miller Sandberg ’74, grandparents; Jerry ’52 and Dorothy Deter Miller ’52, great-grandparents); Madison J. Grinstead (Tim M.A. ’02 and Lois Kuhn Grinstead ’99, M.A. ’00, parents; Steve ’69 and Carol Gunderson Kuhn ’70, grandparents; Glenn ’39 and Lois Nixon Gunderson ’39, great-grandparents); Marcia R. Anderson (Evan ’95 and Catherine Barnes Anderson ’96, parents; Ross ’68 and Barbie Wessner Anderson ’70, grandparents; David ’69 and Marcia Boehm Barnes ’69, grandparents; Ken ’44 and Norma Cook Wessner ’44, great-grandparents; Marion Barnes hon, great-grandfather).

Row 2 (L–R): Wade I. Watkins (Bruce M.A. ’73 and Elaine O’Connell Watkins ’72, R.N. ’70, grandparents; Bill Watkins ’47, great-grandfather); Simeon L. Shedd (Andy Shedd ’98, father; Jim Shedd ’74, grandfather; Hudson Shedd ’47, great-grandfather); Susanna J. Snavely (Mark ’95 and Kelly Pierucki Snavely ’95, parents; John Pierucki ’69, grandfather; Susan Baker Wolfe ’70, grandmother; Dave Baker ’42, great-grandfather);  Elena G. Fromm (Joel ’98 and Louanne Priest Fromm ’97, parents; Mary Lageschulte Priest ’64, grandmother; Pat ’35 and Betty Pollock Lageschulte ’35, great-grandparents).

Row 3 (L–R): Leif A. Michaelson (Bethany Brown Michaelson ’93, mother; Don ’66 and Lucia Twite Brown ’66, grandparents; Dave Brown ’36, great-grandfather);  Ephram S. Nitz (Steve ’92 and Crystal Dodds Nitz ’92, parents; Stan Dodds ’60, grandfather; Howard Cleveland ’31, great-grandfather); Andrew S. McKay (Doug McKay ’90, father; Margaret Crossett McKay ’61, grandmother; Vince ’30, M.A. ’48 and Margaret Elliott Crossett ’29, great-grandparents); Isaac S. Martin (Amy Haugen Martin ’00, mother; Phil ’73 and Judi Guth Haugen ’74, grandparents; Chuck Guth ’47, great-grandfather).