Conservatory of Music Faculty

 Part-time and Guest Faculty

faculty photo steve ramsdell conservatory pt
Steve Ramsdell
Guest Lecturer (Jazz Guitar)


Faculty Bio photo
Mark Ridenour
Guest Lecturer (trumpet)


Faculty Profile Variant
Faye Seeman
Guest Lecturer (Harp)


faculty photo steven sjobring conservatory pt
Steve Sjobring
Guest Lecturer (String Techniques)


faculty photo deb stevenson conservatory pt
Deb Stevenson
Guest Lecturer (Oboe)


faculty photo brian torosian conservatory pt
Brian Torosian, D.M.
Guest Lecturer (Classical Guitar)


faculty photo greg wheatley conservatory pt
Greg Wheatley
Guest Lecturer (Music Theory)


200x300 faculty profile photo
Howard Whitaker, Ph.D.
Professor of Music Emeritus


faculty photo bradley williams conservatory pt
Bradley Williams
Guest Lecturer (Jazz Piano, Jazz Voice)


Doug Yeo Faculty Profile Pic
Douglas Yeo
Guest Lecturer (Trombone)


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