Wheaton College Conservatory Handbook

Wheaton College Mission Statement

Wheaton College serves Jesus Christ and advances His Kingdom through excellence in the liberal arts and graduate programs that educate the whole person to build the church and benefit society worldwide.

Conservatory of Music Mission Statement

The Conservatory of Music exists to provide a program of comprehensive music training in a Christ-centered environment that fosters musical excellence, achievement, and creativity. In service to church and society, the Conservatory provides music experiences intended to inspire joy and passion among all students of Wheaton College, while serving as a cultural resource for the college, community, and the world.

About the Conservatory of Music Handbook

The 2021-2022 Conservatory Academic Handbook provides music faculty and current music majors information and policies relating to the completion of all degree programs in music. While the Wheaton College Catalog is the primary source regarding auditions, enrollment and degree completion, this Handbook is a supporting document addressing a wide range of program details. Students with questions about the Handbook and its policies can write to Susan Brinkman at susan.briinkman@wheaton.edu.