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Discover Your Purpose

Work Rotations

Vanguards discover their purpose.

These milestones mark significant conversations in what we call our vocational discernment process. Every part of the Vanguard Gap Year informs this. Read on to explore how this happens.

  1. The Sacredness of Work – We start by reframing commonly held beliefs about work and vocation.
  2. Understanding Self – What does it mean to be uniquely created by God and rooted in Christ? Vanguards examine their strengths, limits, personal values, weaknesses, challenges, and passions to gain a better picture of who they are.
  3. Understanding the World We Live In – We have to understand the challenges and struggles of the world we live in and how we can use our gifts, passions, and talents to build the kingdom of God here on earth. 
  4. Practicing in the Present – Vocation isn’t just a future thing – it’s in the here and now. Vanguards explore how they can live out their vocational callings in the present.
  5. Making Choices – You can’t just think about the future! Discovering and living out your vocation means making decisions and choosing a path. It doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety…your decisions can be freeing!


In the end, what we loved most about the Vanguard experience is the way that it helped our daughter discern her calling. — Annette Burlet, Vanguard Parent '16
My purpose in taking a gap year wasn’t to find clarity with my vocation, but it ended up being evident with what I wanted to do with my life....I’m an Urban Studies major. I never knew that was a thing you could study in college until I came here. — Sarah Lambert '16, Vanguard
We like to say he found both “a passion and a program” during Vanguard. Our son was provided space to discern what he wanted to study in college and pursue as a career. — Ann Kepke, Vanguard Parent '16