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Gap Year Resources

Thinking about taking a gap year?

What a difference a year makes!

The concept of a gap year between high school and college has become increasingly popular and many studies and articles have shown the value and benefits of such an experience. If you have questions about what a gap year is like, about Wheaton College's gap year called Vanguard or if you are interested in learning more about gap year programs, please contact our gap year Program Manager, Charlie Goeke, through email or call him at 715.479.7474 ext. 231.


The following are links to a few resources that evaluate the advantages that come with taking a gap year.

Why Today's Generation of High Schoolers Need a Gap Year >> The Exchange on Christianity Today

"At its best, a gap year helps students become spiritually and developmentally ready to take on life’s challenges, walking every step of the way in the light of the whole gospel..."

Exploring the Growing Trend of Taking a Gap Year Before College >> The Exchange on Christianity Today

When chosen wisely, a gap year can meet a student exactly where they are and provide what they need to thrive in college. This article explores how.

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Your Dream Gap Year >> Intuit on mint.com

If you’re considering taking a gap year —  whether it’s taking some time before heading off to college, or leaving your job to explore the world — we’ve laid out some tips on why a gap year can be beneficial, how you can save money for a gap year and spend wisely during it, and ways you can get back on track once you come back. 

Should I Take Time Off? Considering a Gap Year >> Harvard College admissions website

Harvard recommends that all their students take a gap year before beginning college. Read their reasoning in this article and consider the gap year activities their students have participated in.

Want to help kids succeed in college? Let them take a gap year. >> The Washington Post

Read about Parke Muth’s nearly three decades of experience as an admissions consultant and why he believes that gap years set students up for success in college.

American Gap Association >> main website

Learn about gap year programs across the world, find resources about financial aid and statistics about gap year benefits.

Should You Take A Gap Year? >> Forbes.com

Forbes contributor Frances Bridges explains the questions you need to ask yourself if you’re considering a gap year.

How a Gap Year Can Make You Successful >> U.S. News & World Report

Read about the growing trend of taking a gap year and the research that on this growing popularity in the U.S.

The Most Uninformed Decision You Will Ever Make >> Mark J. Lindquist, "TEDxMinot" Video at TEDxTalks

Watch Mark J. Lindquist explain how students are completely unprepared to choose a college, major, or career and why a gap year can prepare students to make these decisions well.

Gap Year: The Growing Appeal of Not Going Right to College >> TIME

Learn how taking a gap year has economic benefits as well as providing a rest from high school burnout.