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The Wheaton College Waitlist Form and FAQ

Complete the Wheaton Waitlist Form

Thank you for your continued interest in Wheaton College (IL)! You have the qualities we desire in a candidate and could contribute significantly to the Wheaton community. We hope you choose to join the waitlist and explore Vanguard, the gap year of Wheaton College!

If you have questions, jump below the form to our FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Explore Vanguard Option

Your chances for this fall are not improved by choosing Vanguard. However, after the successful completion of Vanguard, your admission is guaranteed for next fall.

If you’re accepted to Wheaton College after you have placed your Vanguard deposit, it’s simple! Once you confirm your acceptance to Wheaton College, the Vanguard Gap Year will transfer your deposit to Undergraduate Admissions.


Once you complete the Waitlist Response Form above, the Vanguard team will receive a notification and schedule an interview with you. We will respond on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Like Wheaton, there is a $300 deposit for Vanguard to secure your spot. If you are admitted while waiting with Vanguard, we will automatically transfer the deposit to Undergraduate Admissions.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Wheaton Waitlist

Yes, we hope you’ll choose to wait for Wheaton or wait with Vanguard. Again, if you choose to wait with Vanguard, you can place your deposit and guarantee a Wheaton experience with the successful completion of the Vanguard gap year. (Space is limited!)

If you don’t deposit with Vanguard, it’s important that you do place a deposit at another institution. Do not let the deposit deadline for your alternative option pass.

We send email updates to students at the end of May, June, and July. In these updates, we will provide our best assessment of the situation and the likelihood of admitting students from the list. We do not rank students on the waiting list.

We will close the waitlist on August 1. At that time no additional students will be admitted off the waitlist.

We are not able to provide details on why an individual applicant was not admitted or placed on the waitlist. We are also unable to reconsider those who were denied admission for this upcoming semester.


For this fall, your application file is complete. If upon successful completion of Vanguard you reapply to Wheaton for next fall, you are guaranteed admission.

If you decide to go elsewhere for your first semester or year, make sure to complete 15 semester hours (credits) of college work. If you reapply to Wheaton as a transfer, you will be given preference.


Call our office to connect with your admissions counselor. We’ll be happy to talk with you to review your options as you pursue a Wheaton experience.