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Audition FAQs

Audition Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some additional questions you may have in preparing for your upcoming audition to the Conservatory of Music. Please contact music@wheaton.edu if your question is not answered here.

What should I wear for my audition? 

You should dress professionally.

Should my music be memorized? 

Memorization is required for all vocal and piano auditions and recommended for all other instruments. Please read the specific audition instructions for each instrument.

Do I need to provide an accompanist?

A professional accompanist is provided, without charge, for vocal auditions. All instrumental auditions are performed without an accompanist.  Vocalists will have a chance to speak with (but not rehearse with) the professional accompanist for a few minutes to go over tempo, repeats, etc. 

Do I need to bring copies of my music?

Multiple copies are not necessary, but you must have originals of your music with you, even if you are using photocopies for your audition.

Where can I warm up?

McAlister Conservatory is open from 6 AM until midnight for practice. Pianists may use available rooms on the first or second floor. All others use available rooms on the first floor.

How long is the audition?

Voice auditions are 15 minutes, piano auditions are 20 minutes.  All others vary from 20 to 45 minutes.

Will there be any theory testing done on the audition day?

Yes, there is a brief music theory fundamentals assessment. Its purpose is to determine the readiness of our prospective students to begin our Music Theory and Aural Skills class sequence. The test is pass/fail, and both accuracy and time will be considered in determining the results.  Even if you have taken theory classes before, the test is mandatory for all auditioning students. A study guide is available. For those auditioning in voice, there will also be some sight singing and rhythm exercises during the audition.

Can I be connected to a current Conservatory of Music student? 

Yes, please email us at music@wheaton.edu with your full name, high school graduation date, primary instrument, and email and/or cell phone and we will connect you with someone.