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300x300 Robert Bishop physics philosophy professorRobert Bishop, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Physics and Philosophy, John and Madeleine McIntyre Endowed Professor of Philosophy and History of Science

On Faculty since 2007
Phone: 630.752.0000
Office: Meyer Science Center 356
Hours: Call for appointment

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Dr. Bishop's research involves history and philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of social science, philosophy of mind and psychology, and metaphysics. He is particularly interested in chaos and complex systems and their philosophical implications.

Dr. Bishop is the area editorfor philosophy of science at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy and looking for article proposals. See below for a link to submit yours!

In his free time, Dr. Bishop enjoys reading, hiking, golf, the arts, music, games and homemade ice cream.

University of Texas at Austin

Ph.D., Philosophy, 1999

University of Texas at Austin

M.A., Physics, 1986

University of Texas at Austin

B.S., Physics 1984

Philosophy of Social Science

History and Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Physics

  • American Physical Society member
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science member
  • Philosophy of Science Association member
  • British Society for the Philosophy of Science member
  • American Scientific Affiliation fellow
  • Thermodynamics
  • Particle Physics and Cosmology
  • Senior Seminar
  • Natural Science: Foundations, Methods, Challenges
  • Origins of Science
  • Ideas of Modern Science
  • Theories of Origins
  • History of Cosmology

Dr. Bishop is interested in the foundations of the physical and social sciences. In particular, he explores determinism, irreversibility in statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, nonlinear dynamics and its implications for modeling, hidden cultural and ethical ideals in the social sciences, and the implications of science and its assumptions for theories of mind, free will and consciousness.


The Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Continuum International Publishing Group, June 2007)

Between Chance and Choice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Determinism, co-edited with Harald Atmanspacher (Imprint Academic, 2002)

Journal Articles

"In Bondage to Reason: Evidentialist Atheism and Its Assumptions," with Joshua Carr, Christian Scholars Review XLII, no. 3, (2013, pp. 221-243).

"God and Methodological Naturalism in the Scientific Revolution and Beyond" Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 65, no. 1 (2013, pp. 10-23).

"Excluding the Causal Exclusion Argument against Nonreductive Physicalism" Journal of Consciousness Studies 19, nos. 5-6 (2012, pp. 57-74).

"Psychology and Revelation" Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Vol. 23 (2012, pp. 239-267).

"Fluid convection, constraint and causation" Interface Focus 2, (2012, pp.4-12).

Book Chapters

"Chaos, Indeterminism and Free Will," in The Oxford Handbook of Free Will second edition, Robert Kane ed. (Oxford University Press, 2011, pp. 84-100, revised from 2002).

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