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Nick Cherone Music Alumnus

The Conservatory at Wheaton College prepared me to think deeply about how Christians can be redemptive voices in the artistic community. The faculty at Wheaton took the time to know me for who I am and to let me know them. During my time at Wheaton, I was invited to seek excellence in my craft, to appreciate challenging works of art, to foster a loving community of colleagues and peers, and to see my own creative joy as a reflection of God's joy for his creation. 

All of these experiences have informed how I carry out my work as the Fine Arts Director at Annapolis Area Christian School. The faculty at Wheaton modeled for me what it looks like to love and teach my students and colleagues well. And the Conservatory established a foundation of artistic knowledge and skills that inform how I live my life, how I do my work, and how I grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

Nick Cherone '10, Head of Performing Arts, Annapolis Area Christian School, Annapolis, MD.