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Majoring in Christian Education was no doubt the best decision I could have made in regards to preparing myself for life and ministry after Wheaton. From studying CE, I am equipped on how to lead and disciple those who already have a relationship with the Lord, but I am also confident in having conversations with non-believers about the meaning of Christianity and Jesus, and I am able to share the gospel in creative ways. The CE courses molded my heart to go and reach the nations with the gospel, which is what I have been doing this past year in Sweden! But, what I truly cherish is the fact that studying CE not only helped me better understand how to do ministry with others, but it helped me in my personal walk with the Lord, which can be involved in all aspects of my life no matter what is my occupation. From understanding how to analyze a ministry curriculum, to learning how to teach the Bible, to discovering the different philosophies of ministry, to experiencing how to efficiently disciple others, the CE major broadened my understanding of ministry and I am forever grateful for this.