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A Vibrant And Meaningful Life

My holistic Wheaton experience ultimately led me to move to Denver after graduation and work as the Development Coordinator for Open Door Ministries, a nonprofit serving an impoverished community on the east side of the city. God worked in many different avenues during my time at Wheaton to prepare me for the work he had in store for me at Open Door. My general education courses impressed upon me the importance of justice and diversity. Friends from my dorm encouraged me to join a weekly homeless ministry in downtown Chicago. Chapel messages prompted me to take a step of faith and find an internship in an urban ministry setting. Career Services (now the Center for Vocation and Career) laid out the steps I needed to take to find the right job after college. And finally, my Christian Education courses equipped me with the practical tools I needed to serve the individuals I work with on a regular basis here at Open Door. I am incredibly thankful for my Wheaton experience and how it has equipped me to live a vibrant and meaningful life post-college!