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e-Partnerships Parent Newsletter

July/August 2017

President Ryken is on sabbatical from May through September. In his absence, ePartnerships will feature contributions from various Vice Presidents. This month Vice President Kirk Farney offers parents a window into Advancement, Vocation, and Alumni Engagement at Wheaton College.

From Vice President Dr. Kirk Farney

Dear Parents,

Have you ever had the opportunity to sit in a baseball stadium on a day when no ballgame was being played?  I have.  Each time I have enjoyed taking in the beauty of the manicured, verdant field, the exact symmetry of the bases, the straightness of the foul lines, and the anticipatory yet blank scoreboard.  What a majestic panorama to behold!

And yet, notwithstanding its aesthetic appeal, one can’t help feeling a sense of incompleteness sitting in an empty ballpark.  Ballparks are not built for idleness.  They are built to house the engaged, intertwined energy of players and coaches and fans.

As I look out my office window at the Wheaton campus this morning, I am struck by how similar it feels to being in a vacant ballpark.  There is sun-drenched beauty coupled with a sense that something is missing.  The missing “something” is our students who are away for the summer.  While those of us on campus are anything but idle, and while numerous, welcome summer visitors prevent our facilities from being vacant, we do look forward to the return of our remarkable students and the vibrancy they will bring. This is joyful anticipation.  Thanks for sending them back to us next month!

In Christ’s Service,

Kirk D. Farney
Vice President for Advancement, Vocation, and Alumni Engagement
Wheaton College


Resources for Wheaton Parents

Have you joined the Wheaton parent Facebook group? This social network group is a great place to connect with fellow parents, to ask questions of the Wheaton parent community, and to reach out for advice on anything related to your student's Wheaton experience. To join, log on to Facebook and request to join. 

Did you also know there's a group of parents who serve Wheaton by serving fellow Wheaton parents? The Parent Council is a group of parents who help with the hospitality of parent events during Orientation and Family Weekend and serve as a resource to the College on issues unique to current parents. Most importantly, the Parent Council is on hand to serve as a resource to you. Visit the Parent Council page on our website to meet this year's members. 

Finally, we encourage you to spend some time browsing the Parent Engagement website. Here you'll find links to important offices across campus, dates for upcoming events, answers to frequently asked questions, and opportunities to get involved. If you ever have additional questions, please drop us a line at parents@wheaton.edu

New parents: Please remember to file your parent or guardian contact information. 

Campus Housing for Returning Students

Campus housing opens to new students only on Friday, August 18, between 9am-4pm. Continuing students are invited to return to campus between 2pm on Sunday, August 20, through Tuesday, August 22. 

Consideration for early arrival housing, without charge, is given only to those continuing students who are sponsored by a faculty or staff member as a required participant in activities which necessitate being on campus prior to Sunday, August 20. Examples of this are fall athletes, student teachers, on-campus employees, and members of student leadership teams. All other early arrival requests will be subject to denial or a nightly charge.  Approval will be considered, with a nightly charge, for students meeting these criteria:

  • Students arriving early to begin a for-credit internship
  • International travel
  • Siblings of new students or student leaders (charge waived)

Students must submit requests through the online application found at the Residence Life website; direct questions to reslife@wheaton.edu.


News from the Bookstore

Fall 2017 Textbooks are now available 

Purchasing textbooks through the Wheaton College Bookstore will ensure that students receive the same edition that professors plan to use for classes.  Textbooks can be ordered at www.wheatonbooks.com. Materials will be picked, processed, bagged and ready for students when they arrive on campus.

Our online textbook ordering system includes:

  • Rentals - The majority of Wheaton's textbooks can now be rented directly from the Bookstore.
  • Used text books - Hundreds of money-saving used textbooks are available.
  • Competitive prices - Price comparisons between the Bookstore and other popular online stores are available on the web site.  Our site links users directly to the correct title if they decide to purchase a textbook elsewhere.
  • Easy Purchases - Use Financial Aid credits or Campus Store gift cards to pay for your purchases.

Why pack it when you can get it here?

  • Very competitive pricing on computer & phone accessories, class & dorm supplies, headphones and more.
  • Our Wheaton gear favorites include Camelbak water bottles, lanyards, Champion hoodies, and team sport tee shirts.

The Bookstore is owned by Wheaton College, with all proceeds going to support Wheaton's operations, facilities, and programs.  We look forward to seeing you in our store!  


A Message from Student Health Services

Welcome to all new students and welcome back to returning students! Student Health Services (SHS) is on the north side of campus in the North Harrison Hall, Suite 130 to the west of Fischer Residence Hall.

SHS provides primary healthcare for students and their spouses, regardless of their health insurance coverage. Students can be seen by a nurse for free or a board certified physician or nurse practitioner for a fee. Call SHS for an appointment at 630.752.5072. 

Our hours beginning August 21 are:

Monday-Wednesday 8am-5pm

Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday 8am-4:30pm

All new incoming students should have completed entrance medical requirements by July 6, 2017.  Students should view these requirements on their my.wheaton email, student portal or the Student Health Services website.  All correspondence from SHS goes directly to the student’s my.wheaton email account.

Dental and Vision Benefits

Delta Dental of Illinois is pleased to offer Wheaton College students access to new dental and vision insurance plans. Students can choose from two dental plans and a vision plan, all offered at affordable group rates. Both dental plans feature free cleanings and x-rays each year, as well as access to basic and major services with no waiting periods. The DeltaVision plan utilizes EyeMed Vision Care’s network and also provides comprehensive coverage.

Coverage begins on August 1, 2017. The coverage is voluntary and offered as a new benefit to Wheaton College students. Open enrollment begins July 15, 2017 and closes September 15, 2017.  To view detailed information on the plans and enroll, visit the enrollment website.

Toll free live support is available between 8am and 5pm CST, Monday through Friday, at 877.247.8817.

F1 visa student

A mandatory accident and illness insurance plan will be provided for all F1 visa holding students during the 2017-2018 academic year, effective August 1, 2017. Enrollment is automatic so there is no action required by the student. 

The fall semester 5-month premium of $645 ($129 per month for coverage effective August 1-December 31, 2017) will be billed to the student's account in July. An electronic insurance ID card will be provided via the student's my.wheaton email address by August 1, 2017.  An insurance card will also be provided through the college post office box (CPO).

The plan contains special coverage benefits for a variety of office visits, immunizations, and laboratory tests at Wheaton College Student Health Services without an annual deductible. To view the Summary of Benefits and FAQs please use the following link: F1 Visa Holding Students | Wheaton.


Student Financial Services

Parent Access to the Student Billing and Payment Gateway

Students must grant parents access as authorized users to receive email notices and have access to student accounts. This access is different than Proxy, which is limited to academic and financial aid permissions.  Students can log in to the Student Billing and Payment Gateway at portal.wheaton.edu and select Authorized Users to enter their parent(s) preferred email address.  Parents will then receive emails with their own log in credentials and have access to view bills and statements, account history, make online payments, and set up payment plans. 

Fall Semester Bill Information

Fall semester bills will be available by the end of July, with a due date of August 23, 2017. All outstanding financial aid requirements must be completed for awards to be included on the bill. Students and authorized users will receive an email when bills are available online.

Wheaton College offers convenient, interest-free payment plans to help families budget tuition, room and board, and course fee expenses.  Fall payment plan information is available on our Payment Plans webpage.

Please email sfs@wheaton.edu with questions.



We look forward to welcoming our 2017-2018 student athletes.  Insurance information for incoming athletes can be found here.


How can you pray for Wheaton this month?

  • Pray for our new students preparing for life at Wheaton. Pray for the students who will begin Wheaton Passage between August 2-9. Pray that international students will quickly meet new friends who connect with their experience. Pray for our student leaders including Residence Life Staff, Student Orientation Committee, Student Athletes, and Student Government as they prepare for their role in welcoming new students.
  • Pray for our new faculty and staff who are moving, some with their families, to Wheaton. Pray that they will be able to settle smoothly into their new home and position.
  • Pray for our families who enter this school year feeling financially challenged or burdened by concerns of health or relationship. We are mindful of the personal story each of our students brings to campus, and lift these needs to Christ.


With thanks for your involvement and prayers,

The Wheaton College Parent Engagement team