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February 2017

From the President

Philip Ryken, President of Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

Dear Parents,

The campus community has been reflecting this year on four practices that foster sustainable Christian communities: hospitality, promise-keeping, truth-telling, and gratitude.

Drawing on insights from his research with Christine Pohl in her 2012 book Living in Community, Chaplain Tim Blackmon led the faculty this week in a discussion of hospitality and truth-telling.

Hospitality grows naturally out of gratitude, and is practiced largely by people who work for others’ well-being at their own expense.

To practice truth-telling, Chaplain Blackmon suggests a simple question for anyone with whom we may have a conflict: “Do you have anything you need to say to me about how you and I are doing, or about how we are getting along and living together in a Kingdom community?”

Wheaton faculty who practice these values have a lifelong impact on their students, and we will thrive together as we practice these Kingdom dispositions for the flourishing of others.

In Christ’s service,

Philip Ryken


February is our Month of Prayer

PrayerJoin with other parents around the world as we intentionally pray for Wheaton College throughout the month of February. Daily requests are posted on the parent Facebook page (Wheaton College (IL) Parents) and can also be found on our Parent Prayer Card.


Commencement Weekend: May 5-7

Congratulations to parents of soon-to-be alumni of the class of 2017! We're looking forward to welcoming you to campus for this meaningful weekend in the life of your family. Watch for information from the Registrar's office to be mailed to your home later this month.


Spring Break Housing and Meal Plans

Campus housing closes for Spring Break at 10am on Saturday, March 4, and reopens at 3pm on Saturday, March 11. The meal plan ends with dinner on Friday, March 3, and begins with dinner on Saturday, March 11. Housing for students is available during Spring Break for athletes, international students, students working on campus, and students enrolled in a class that meets during Spring Break.

As you prepare to move your students out of housing in May and then arrange for their return in August, please check our housing calendar for scheduled move in dates/times.


Student Housing Selection 

Students moving into dormStudents will begin the housing selection process for the 2017-18 academic year after Spring Break. Housing selection is based on a lottery system, with priority given to seniors.

Since Wheaton College is a residential campus, most students will select housing from campus houses, apartments, or residence halls. Students desiring to live off-campus can submit a permission request form.  Please note that off-campus housing permission is limited and students should not sign a lease until receiving permission from the College. Students who sign a lease and are not granted off-campus permission will be required to remain in campus housing and will also be responsible for their off-campus lease.

To learn more about housing policies please visit our website.


Tuition Freedom Day

February 9 was Tuition Freedom Day! Each February students celebrate your giving to the Wheaton Fund by writing notes of gratitude to alumni, parents, and friends for the generous gifts that help ensure the affordability and excellence of their Wheaton education.

Here is just one of the hundreds of notes written by students:

Many students fail to realize that our college bill is only affordable because of others' faithful donations. I want to personally thank you for giving of your resources to continue the College's tradition of changing young lives for Christ.

—Connor ’19

We join students in expressing our heartfelt thanks for your support!


Summer Leadership at HoneyRock

Is your student looking for a unique opportunity to gain marketable skills and work experience this summer? The Summer Leadership School at HoneyRock is a strategic way for your student to gain real-world leadership experience, deepen their relationship with God, and experience life-changing transformation, all while earning course credit. As a leader for campers in grades 3-9, your student will disciple campers, participate in authentic community, and gain invaluable leadership skills for their future work and ministry. Learn more here.


The Tower

The final publication of Wheaton's yearbook, The Tower, is still available. The 2015-16 edition can be ordered through the Bookstore for $10. Order online by searching “yearbook” or item #2003664 through the Bookstore.  Shipping is available.

Contact student.development@wheaton.edu with questions.


How can you pray for Wheaton this month?

  • Pray that the Wheaton College community will be marked by hospitality, promise-keeping, truth-telling, and gratitude.

  • Pray that students will be strengthened and encouraged through interactions with faculty members, staff, and friends.

  • Pray for students as they prepare to travel to various destinations for Spring Break, March 4-12. Pray especially for students participating in various BreakAway Ministry trips across the U.S. and for Honduras Project students, whose work will bring clean, gravity-fed running water to a rural village in the mountains of Honduras.


With thanks for your involvement and prayers,

Westgate - Alumni Relations officeThe Wheaton College Parent Engagement team