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Meet the Parent Council

2018-19 Parent Council Members group photo

Did you know that there is a special group of parents who serve the College by serving other Wheaton parents?

The Parent Council is a group of parents who help with the hospitality of parent events during Orientation and Family Weekend and serve as a resource to the College on issues unique to current parents. Most importantly, the Parent Council is on hand to serve as a resource to you.  Email us at Parents@wheaton.edu if you have questions and would like to get in touch with any members of the Parent Council, or connect directly through the links provided on their profile. 

Parent Council 2018-19

Rob and Tammy Danielson

Rob and Tammy Danielson

Bettendorf, IA
Student: Lindsay '21
Major: Undeclared
Rob and Tammy would love to talk to you about: Concert Choir, the Conservatory, Wheaton's strong commitment to spiritual growth, and discipleship small groups.
Fun Fact: Rob and Tammy love travelling, photography, and Bible study.
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Mark '90 and Lisa Turnbull Davis '90

Washington D.C.
Student: Nathan '20
Major: Economics and Math
Mark and Lisa would love to talk with you about: Residence Life, Wheaton Hockey, and the value of  Wheaton's framework of faith.
Fun fact: Mark and Lisa enjoy both water-skiing and downhill skiing, as well as running and relaxing with a good book.
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Fernandes Option 2

Frank '80 and Wendy Fernandes

West Chicago, IL
Student: Jessica '20
Major: Communications and Biblical and Theological Studies
Frank and Wendy would love to talk with you about: College Union, Residence Life, Passage, intramurals, and summer study abroad programs.
Fun Fact: Frank and Wendy love good food, studying the Word of God, pro sports of all kinds and travelling.
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Wheaton College Parent Council 2017 member photo

Irwyn and Kim Ince

Columbia, MD
Student: Zakiya '20  
Major: Undeclared
Irwyn and Kim would love to talk with you about: Women's Chorale, Passage, professor/student relationships, student-led Bible studies, and Wheaton's commitment  to intellectual and spiritual formation.
Fun fact: In addition to being a CrossFit addict, Irwyn is a self-described biblical language and theology nerd.  Kim enjoys Pure Barre classes, walking, and listening to music.
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Parent Council member photo - Jones

Aaron and Calandra Jones, Sr.

Minooka, IL
Student: Andrew '19  
Elementary Education
Aaron and Calandra would love to talk with you about: Ministry through athletics, Wheaton Thunder Football, and Wheaton's local tutoring program.  
Fun fact: Aaron and Calandra were introduced to Wheaton through a radio program featuring President Ryken and several alumni, and later learned more through a bass guitar player at their church who works in Admissions.
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McGill Option 2

Ken and Leslie McGill

Plano, TX
Student: Gabriel '21
 Ken and Leslie would love to talk with you about: Athletics, Residence Life, Wheaton's robust spiritual growth mindset, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Fun fact: Ken and Leslie enjoy reading, exercising, volunteering at their church, and being involved with their family-run non-profit, Marissa's House Projects.
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Ryan and Jess Oliver

Ryan '91 and Jess Thomas Oliver '89

Falls Church, VA
Student: Isabelle '21
Major: English/Pre-law/Philosophy
Ryan and Jess would love to talk with you about: HNGR (Human Needs and Global Resources), Athletics, Wheaton's summer programs and the sciences at Wheaton, particularly as it relates to pre-med and the health field.
Fun Fact: Ryan and Jess met at Wheaton and were both involved in the HNGR program and Wheaton Athletics. Ryan's father taught in Wheaton's graduate school in the 1970's.
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Rosalyn Ferris Otto '90

Winston-Salem, NC
Student: Anna '19
Major: Christian Education
Rosalyn would love to talk with you about: ROTC, the experience of TCK students, Small Groups, Academic & Disability Services, and HNGR.
Fun Fact: Rosalyn grew up in the Philippines. She met her late husband Kemp '90 while they were students at Wheaton and two of their three children followed their footsteps to their alma mater. In her free time, Rosalyn enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, and anything involving the Blue Ridge Mountains.
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Jack and Robin Savidge

Lindenwold, NJ
Students: Joshua M.A. '18 and Jonathan '22
Majors: Joshua: Intercultural Studies and TESOL; Jonathan: Undecided
Jack and Robin would love to talk with you about: The Wheaton Graduate School, study abroad, Gospel Choir, and student involvement in local churches
Fun fact: Robin is a high school teacher, and Jack works for Fox Rehabilitation.  They enjoy serving together on short term missions trips. 
Contact Jack and Robin

Parent Council member photo - Ziesmer

Phil '85 and Sharon Yu Ziesemer '85

West Chicago, IL
Student: Philip '19, Christian '20   
Business/Economics; Undeclared
Phil and Sharon would love to talk with you about: Student Government, YHM, Student Alumni Board, College Union, Club lacrosse, intramural soccer, and relationships between professors and students.  
Fun fact: Phil and Sharon enjoy the beach and the mountains, as well as Duke and UNC basketball.
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