New Student Orientation

Welcome to Wheaton!

Whether you’re arriving on campus for the Fall or Spring Semester, Orientation sets the tone, direction, and support for new students beginning their journey at Wheaton. 

If you're coming from Passage, an international location, or right next door, we are excited to welcome you to your new home. We look forward to creating meaningful opportunities for you to begin building friendships while growing together in community, exposing you to the fullness of what Wheaton has to offer both inside and outside the classroom, and inspiring you toward a Christ-centered vision for the liberal arts.  And it will be a blast to meet new friends and classmates as you start your college experience together.

We’re glad you’re joining our community! 

Questions?  orientation@wheaton.edu

August New Student Orientation - August 19-24, 2021
January New Student Orientation - January 7-9, 2022