Min-Dong Paul Lee

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Min-Dong Paul Lee, Ph.D.

Co-Director of M.A. in Leadership; Norris A. Aldeen Professor of Business, Department Chair

On Faculty since 2012
MSC 309


  • Faith and Business Ethics
  • Compassion in the Workplace
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable Enterprise
  • Business as Mission

Min-Dong Paul Lee's passion is to see God’s people redeem and transform businesses to serve Christ and His Kingdom. He came to Wheaton with a very diverse set of experiences (e.g. ministry, corporate career, and international development) and training (e.g. theology, history, sociology, and business management). He is elated that, at Wheaton, all these experiences and training can come together in a meaningful way toward equipping God’s people to make positive impacts in the marketplace. Currently, the focus of his research revolves around three themes: corporate social responsibility, compassion in workplace, and faith and business as a mission. On the personal side, God has blessed him with a wonderful and godly wife, Caroline, and three hilarious children who cause him to give thanks to the Lord all the time.

Cornell University
Ph.D., Sociology, 2006

University of Toronto
M.A., East Asian Studies, 2000

Regent College
M.Div., 1999

University of Toronto, Honours
B.A., 1996

  • Editorial Board, "Journal of Creativity and Innovation," Since 2008
  • Editorial Board, "Organization & Environment Journal," Since 2010

China's Koreans, Part II: Lost to History Korean Chinese don’t fit easily into traditional or CCP narratives of history
The Diplomat

As Min-Dong Paul Lee explains, the Dictionary of the History of Chinese Ethnic Minorities claims that Korean Chinese originated in northeastern China and integrated into the Han nationality upon returning from Korea after the fall of the Goryeo dynasty in 1392, making them more Han than Korean. Yet we know from genetic analyses that Koreans are descended from Siberians and Mongolians and are genetically unrelated to Chinese. We also know from historical records (see Part I) that Korean migration to China didn’t begin in earnest until the 1800s. As for integration into the Han nationality, no such process ever fully took place and Korean Chinese today remain a distinct ethnic group within Chinese society ...
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Social Entrepreneurship and Its Impact: Effect of Rationalization and Social legitimacy on Entrepreneurs’ Perception of Impact
Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA - August 2017

Business as Mission in China
The Intellectual and Ethical Foundation of the Flourishing Society Conference, Acton, Grand Rapids, MI - January 2016

Images of God in the Marketplace
The Center for Christian Business Ethics Today, New York, NY, October 2015

Understanding the Impact of Social Entrepreneurship: A Study of Faith-based Social Enterprises
Association for Research on Non-profit Organizations and Voluntary Action Annual Conference, Hartford, CT, November 2013

The Institutional Logics and the Role of Community in Complex Governance Systems
Academy of Management Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, August 2011

Embedded Expectancy: Explaining the Variability in Moderating Effects of Social Support on Occupational Stress
Southern Management Association Meeting, St. Pete Beach, Florida, October 2010

Under Pressure: Community Amplification of Protest and Corporate Response
Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Montréal, Canada, August 2010

Sustainable Global Enterprise: Building Research on Caring and Daring MNEs
Professional Development Workshop, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Montréal, Canada, August 2010

  • Principles of Management
  • Senior Seminar
  • Business Analysis & Strategy
  • International Business
  • Global Business Strategy (Iron Sharpens Iron)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Enterprise
  • Institutional Logics Theory
  • Compassion in Workplace
  • Business as Mission
  • Faith and Business Ethics
  • Servant Leadership

Doing Incarnational Business as Mission: A Case Study in India, Evangelical Missions Quarterly
Min-Dong Paul Lee, Winnie Fung, and Joey Fung, 2016

Filtering Institutional Logics: Community Logic Variation and Differential Responses to the Institutional Complexity of Toxic Waste, Organization Science
Min-Dong Paul Lee, Michael Lounsbury, 2015
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Images of God in the Marketplace, Business Ethics Today: The Sacred and the Market
Min‐Dong Paul Lee, Marc Cortez and Lee Augsburger, 2015

Sustainable Global Enterprise: Perspectives of Stuart Hart, Ans Kolk, Sanjay Sharma, and Sandra Waddock | Journal of Management Inquiry
Aarti Sharma, Min-Dong Paul Lee, 2012
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Institutional Approaches to Organizations and the Natural Environment, The Oxford Handbook of Business and the Natural Environment
Michael Lounsbury, Samantha Fairclough, and Min‐Dong Paul Lee, 2012
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Configuration of External Influences: The Combined Effects of Institutions and Stakeholders on Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies., Journal of Business Ethics
Lee, Min-Dong Paul, Vol. 102, No. 2, pp. 281-298, 2011
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A Review of the Theories of Corporate Social Responsibility: Its Evolutionary Path and the Road Ahead., International Journal of Management Review
Lee, Min-Dong Paul, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 53-73, 2008
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