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Jeffrey Barbeau

Jeffrey Barbeau Faculty Headshot

Jeffrey W. Barbeau, Ph.D.

Professor of Theology

On Faculty since 2008
BGH 562

  • American Christianity
  • Autobiography/Memoirs
  • British Romanticism
  • Global Christianity
  • Methodism
  • Pentecostalism
  • Protestantism
  • Religion and Literature

Jeffrey W. Barbeau (Ph.D., Marquette University) is professor of theology at Wheaton College, Reviews Editor at The Coleridge Bulletin, and a writer on British Romanticism, religion and literature, and the history of Christian thought.

His research and teaching interests concern religion and literature, the history of Christianity, and modern theology. Early in his education, Barbeau wondered how religion and literature might provide mutually enriching resources for theological reflection. This intuition led him to graduate studies in both theology and English literature, where the life and writings of the philosophical theologian and poet S. T. Coleridge provided a crucial dialogue partner for his work. At Wheaton, he teaches courses in historical and systematic theology, cofounded The Nineteenth Society, and researches the historical and religious context of British literature.

His most recent book is Religion in Romantic England (2018), an anthology of primary sources that explores the ways that the literature of English Christianity shaped the social, cultural, political, and religious life of the nation in texts published between 1760 and 1832. His intellectual biography of the poet, theologian, and daughter of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Sara Coleridge: Her Life and Thought (2014) garnered praise from the Times Literary Supplement: “Sara Coleridge emerges from these pages as an intellectually formidable, powerfully compassionate and rigorously scholarly figure who bore the many difficulties of her life with profound nobility.”

Barbeau’s study of world Methodism, The Spirit of Methodism: From the Wesleys to a Global Communion, will appear in 2019. He is currently writing on the religious context of British Romanticism and editing an anthology of Sara Coleridge’s theological and philosophical writings. His articles and reviews have appeared in publications such as the Journal of Religion, Methodist Review: A Journal of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies, Anglican Theological Review, Heythrop Journal, European Romantic Review, Journal of Church and State, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, and The Wordsworth Circle.

For more information, including scholarly publications, see his website.

  • American Academy of Religion
  • Conference on Christianity and Literature
  • Friends of Coleridge
  • Historical Society of the United Methodist Church
  • International Conference on Romanticism
  • Wesleyan Theological Society
  • Wordsworth-Coleridge Association
  • Theology and Autobiography
  • Romantic Literature and Theology
  • Women, Writing, Theology
  • Wesley and the Methodists
  • Theology and the Liberal Arts
  • Historical Theology
  • Christian Theology
  • World Christianity

"Romantic Religion, Life Writing, and Conversion Narratives." The Wordsworth Circle
Jeffrey W. Barbeau, Winter 2016

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"D.T. Niles, the Church, and the Fellowship of the Spirit." Methodist Review: A Journal of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies
Jeffrey W. Barbeau, 2016

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"Sara Coleridge on Love and Romance." The Wordsworth Circle
Jeffrey W. Barbeau, 2015

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“Come, Holy Spirit: Reflections on Christian Faith and Practice." Spirit of God: Christian Renewal in the Community of Faith
Jeffrey W. Barbeau and Beth Felker Jones, 2015

“Enthusiasts, Rationalists, and Pentecost: The Holy Spirit in Eighteenth-Century Methodism.” Spirit of God: Christian Renewal in the Community of Faith
Jeffrey W. Barbeau, 2015

“Who is the Holy Spirit?” Theology Questions our Students Ask: A Conversation between Students and Teachers
Ed. Gary Burge and David Lauber, 2014

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