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Wheaton College Statement Regarding Attack on United States Capitol

January 11, 2021

Wheaton College joins citizens across the United States and the evangelical community in decrying the violent attack on democracy we witnessed this past week in Washington, D.C. and lamenting the way perpetrators used the name of Jesus to promote violence, display racist symbols, and attack our nation’s leaders. We also call our community to fast and pray with other Christians for the healing of our nation during what ought to be a peaceful transition of power to a new presidential administration.  

We pray for all among us who are deeply grieved and unsettled by these events. May the Holy Spirit strengthen our evangelical witness for Jesus Christ as we seek to shape future Christian leaders who demonstrate love, compassion, and truth. These events serve as a reminder of the importance of our ongoing commitment to the educational mission of building up the church and benefitting society, especially in preparing our students to address the challenges of living in a divided world.