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How to Register for Passage Orientation

Passage Orientation Registration is Open!

The following steps are a very detailed look at how to Register for Passage!

Step 1: Click here to start your Passage Registration.

Step 2: Choose “Register Myself”

Note: For several reasons (risk waivers, list accuracy, communications, etc...) it is critical that students register themselves for Passage. If you are concerned about receiving information, we will be emailing both students and parents between now and the start of Passage with information.

Step 3: Select your site and choose your track. 

Step 4: Enter your Wheaton College Student Email. If you have not yet set up your NetID and student email please do so by following these setup steps. How can you tell if it's your Wheaton College Student Email? It will end in @my.wheaton.edu.

Step 5: Fill in additional personal information and set a password for your registration account.

Step 6: Confirm your year in college for fall 2022 and gender.

Step 7: Complete additional passage related forms.

  • The information we gather in this section helps us prepare for your experience.
  • The questions asked are based on the site you choose in step three.
  • You will have the option of purchasing items such as sleeping bags and water bottles as part of your registration.
    • This is optional and will require a payment.
    • Your Passage fee will be an itemized part of your fall bill from Wheaton (said otherwise, you will not be paying for Passage as a part of registration).
    • If you do purchase an item, it will be waiting for you when you check in for Wheaton Passage.
  • Click “continue” at the end of each section to move to the next step.

Step 8: Once you’ve completed all the forms and signed the waivers, click “Check out”.

  • It will only charge you if you have selected items to order.
  • No program fees are collected during this process. Your Passage fee will be an itemized part of your fall bill from Wheaton.

Step 9: Click “continue” on the check-out page even if you did not need to make a payment. This final step activates your registration and confirms you have reserved your spot!


If you need to make changes to your registration, you can return to the original registration link at any time and log in with your username (wheaton college email) and password. Once logged in, you’ll be able to edit your information. If you would like to change sites or tracks, please email passage@wheaton.edu.

Register for Passage Orientation